Five Tips For Preparing A Chant Album

1. Prepare more than enough material.

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 2.49.54 PMWhen producing a CD, there will inevitably be a piece or pieces that end up getting left off the cd. When you start the recording process, it’s a good idea to have more pieces available than can fit on the CD.  This way, the final album will be a compilation of the best material from those recording sessions.

2. Communicate.

Let people know what you are trying to do.  Hold live concerts, kirtans, or evenings of chanting for friends to come to. By word of mouth, you can create support for your project emotionally as well as financially.

3. Find the people that you work well with.

Recording music, especially devotional music, is a very intensive and often emotional process.  It will make for a much easier process if you can trust the people around you with your emotions and humanity.  There are many
producers in the world as well as many musicians.  There are many egos.  Find the ones that you can respect and those that will respect you.

4. Create a vision.

An effective CD conveys emotions and energy through the music.  What do you want to say? How do you want people to feel when they listen to your music? How do YOU feel when you play your music? Try listening to your favorite tracks and notice how you feel.  Take note of what it is about the music that is creating that feeling in you.  A good producer can help you convey those feelings through your music and help you create an album that is meaningful to you as well as those that listen to it.

5. Take your time.

There is no rush.

Ram Dass Khalsa produced Seasons of the Soul

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