From Sat Nam FestWhat better way to kick of the month of love, then to encourage and teach your children and family to love who they are and to spread and share that light with others. When we honor and love ourselves, it’s much easier to give true universal love away to all those we meet and greet.

Create an intention and sacred space at home, heck even in the living room and gather as a family to create a loving dynamic energy where everyone will honor oneself and each other. Schedule to make this a weekly commitment throughout the month of February or longer, as it will help each one of your children feel stronger in who they are and appreciate your efforts to demonstrate the family love. Your family will begin to recognize and awaken to unconditional love and the blissful sensations it can bring to one individually and as a whole.

As Mc Yogi’s song suggests, GIVE LOVE AWAY, but first cultivate that love inside. Use this fun dynamic song to start off the family love celebration by dancing and releasing all the wiggly energy from the day. Bounce around the room, sing along and really allow everyone to be free.

Once the wiggles are released, have everyone find a comfortable position together in a circle and begin Heart Breath. Heart breath requires only the intention to inhale and to exhale through the heart allowing the wisdom of the heart energy to do the rest. Place your hands over your heart, left hand over right or leave them in gyan mudra in your lap as you breathe.  As we breathe in we are accepting and nurturing the love from within and on the exhale we are projecting the love outwardly. This breathing style will help to activate the imagination and intuitive centers in each child and awaken their sense of trust in the flow of life.

To meditate together as a family is one of the greatest acts of love that one can do to promote positive energy and healing for your entire family. One of my favorite, all time fun and kid friendly (any age) meditations is Part 1- Affirmation for Self-Love from the Truth and Oneness Kriya that I personally like to call the “I love ALL of me” Meditation.

To begin: Sit in a comfortable position or if your child wants to stand or sit on their knees that works too. This meditation is engaging and can really harness the love energy quickly.

Place your right hand on your heart and say, “My heart I love.”

Place your right hand on your eyes and say, “My eyes I love.”

Move to the top of your head and say, “My head, I love you.”

At the navel point say, “I love you.”

And finally placing your hands on both of your knees say, “I love you.”

Then repeat the process for 3-11 minutes depending on the age of your children and their interest level. However, the more interested and engaged you are in the “I love you” process the more they will follow suit.

To end: Inhale, exhale slowly. Wrap your arms around your body and squeeze by giving yourself a big hug. Then join as a family and offer a group family love hug.

Cultivate the love this month. It starts within. Be the model of self-love for your children so they too can find that beautiful love they have inside as well.

Happy Love month!

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