Father’s Day is coming up, so I’ve decided to put together a list of Father’s Day gift ideas. Here are some music suggestions and other meditationFather’s Day gift ideas that will brighten a yogi dad’s special Sunday.

(There are many wonderful sacred chant CDs that will appeal to fathers and this is by no means a comprehensive list.)

Here are two fantastic male singers who are fathers: Jai Uttal’s albums are great to chant along with and will put the father in your life into a joyful mood. And David Newman has a wonderful new album out, Stars, that features the sweet little giggle of his daughter, Tulsi, on one of the tracks.

Queen of Hearts by Jai Uttal

Stars by David Newman

There are five men in the GuruGanesha Band and of course, lead guitarist GuruGanesha Singh is an inspiration to us all. Dads will enjoy the recently-released Kundalini Surjhee as well as GuruGanesha’s earlier CDs. Pure Ganesh and the song “In the Light of My Soul” is sure to give the day a special glow.

Kundalini Surjhee by GuruGanesha Singh

Pure Ganesh by GuruGanesha Singh

Gurudass Singh has some wonderful tracks. On Train to Amritsar, a favorite is “I Am I Am.” And “Song to My Son” on the album Flowers in the Rain is especially poignant for dads.

Train to Amritsar by Gurudass

Flowers in the Rain by Gurudass

Another classic everyone loves is “I Am” by Guru Singh with Seal from Game of Chants. (Dads, it’s a perfect track to do Sun Salutations to!)

A Game of Chants by Guru Singh

Along these lines, dads will really rock to “I Am What I Am” by Aykanna from the album Livelight. Father’s Day is a perfect day for “Beautiful Day” (also on this CD), especially since drummer/vocalist Akahdahmah is a new dad! This Father’s Day will surely be his “most beautiful day!”

Livelight by Aykanna

Gurunam Singh is another sacred chant artist with a powerful male energy. Check out The Journey Home, and especially the track “Pavan Guru~ Lord of the Wind.” The mantra is said to increase the pranic energy and gives the experience of “May the force be with you.” Change is also a fantastic CD (and if you’re a father, change is on its way for sure!)

The Journey Home by Gurunam Singh

Change by Gurunam Singh

“I Am a Khalsa Man” and “Heart of a Lion” by Livtar Singh Khalsa, from his album On Top of the World will be a thoughtful and uplifting gift for the dads in your life. Dads will also love A Fearless Heart by Harnam Singh—the heart of a father indeed must be fearless. Sacred Chants of Shiva by Craig Pruess will transport dads into a meditative space.

On Top of the World by Livtar Singh Khalsa

A Fearless Heart by Harnam Singh

Sacred Chants of Shiva by Craig Pruess

For men just starting out on the Kundalini Yoga path or those who might enjoy a mantra refresher course, how about a Father’s Day gift of Mantras of the Master by Santokh Singh, PhD? This is a collection of 64 of the most commonly used mantras, with proper pronunciation and rhythm.

Mantras of the Master by Santokh Singh PhD

And, a few other Father’s Day gift ideas…

Man to Man by Yogi Bhajan; a must-read book for every Kundalini Yoga dad.

Man to Man by Yogi Bhajan

Yoga for Men DVD

Yoga for Men DVD

Yogi Elixir for Men

Yogi Elixir for Men

Be sure to check out the Men’s Boutique for men’s yoga clothing and other Father’s Day gift ideas! Blessings, love, and Happy Father’s Day to all!

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