Learn The Lost Kriya of Yogi Bhajan with Guru Singh

Kriya Taught by Guru Singh
With Music by Feather & Dot

“In 1968, Yogi Bhajan came to the West to bring the technology of Kundalini to those who would listen. To those that would awaken – in order to counteract the unconsciousness that’s taking place on Earth at this time in history. It was 1968 when he came here, and in 1971 – in January – he took the first trip back to India. 84 students went with him on that yatra. And when he got to India, they had already sent a vast amount of their money ahead to make preparations. One of Yogi Bhajan’s peers betrayed him and absconded with all of that capital. All of that money. There was no way of getting it back. There was no way of turning this around, in three dimensions. So, Yogi Bhajan went into a deep meditation. . .”

In this meditative state, Yogi Bhajan was gifted with the mantra Guru, Guru, Wahe Guru, Guru, Ram Das, Guru and with it a kriya. There are three moves in this kriya. The first movement enables you to absorb the grace of Guru Ram Das. The second movement opens your spine to allow that grace to rise up through your system. The third movement allows you to reach forward and absorb the gifts of the Universe. Experience The Lost Kriya of Yogi Bhajan!


Written Instructions for Practice

1. Tune in with the Adi Mantra

2. Begin first exercise at 1:07

  • Hands in Pran Mudra (Ring & little fingers touching tip of thumb, pointer and middle fingers pointed up)
  • Hands raised at shoulder height
  • “Standing Shiva” posture balancing on one leg. The opposite leg is raised up and crossing the standing leg
  • Begin bouncing up and down on one leg, alternating legs every 30 seconds.
  • Chant aloud, powerfully from the navel

3. Begin second exercise at 4:45

  • Horse stance, feet past shoulder width.
  • Arms raised above head, hands interlocked with pointer fingers pointed up (same as Sat Kriya). Continue chanting out loud.

4. Begin third exercise at 9:07

  • Remain in horse stance.
  • Reach forward with alternating hands forming a fist as you pull back towards the waist (the opposite of a punch), pulling the energy towards the diaphram.
  • Chant powerfully

5. Begin fourth exercise at 11:57

  • Stand still with hands palms up, arms waist high
  • Eyes closed, breathing slowly and deeply until end

Music on this video was provided by Feather & Dot

Feather_&_Dot_52 copyLos Angeles based duo Feather & Dot make electronic mantra music that blends rock with ambient psychedelia. Members Sanjay and Hargo each bring a unique perspective with their open enthusiasm for minimal electronic, and classical Indian music. Stepping into the studio was easy – Hargo (son of mantra pioneer Guru Shabad Singh) having already produced over 15 mantra and kirtan records for several labels, and Sanjay a veteran DJ of San Diego’s electronic music scene. The result is the duo’s vision of a new kind of mantra music – wide, groovy, emotional, and danceable.

Their inspiration for Feather & Dot was born from a desire to bring together the hypnotic nature of mantra, the primal call of dance music, and the grandeur of rock. The duo is sharing this vision around the world, already playing stages at iconic festivals to a growing culture that is devouring spirituality, electronic music, yoga, and empowerment.

As Guru Singh once summed up the Feather & Dot sound:  “This is the best mantra music I’ve heard in the 40+ years I’ve been doing this stuff!”



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