BM-KRIYA-2If we’re placed on this earth with infinite creative potential, where and when do we lose sight of our originality? In today’s world, it’s easy to get distracted, follow someone else’s lead, lose ourselves in routine, and avoid the creative process altogether. We think we understand how things should be based on our previous experiences, but this can often block us from seeing or creating something new.

Yogi Bhajan said it well: To study and talk is not to do and be. We must remember how to connect with our creative force. He taught us that we can expand and experience our individual creativity by simply meditating on the mantra “God” (gaa-daa). We are here so that infinity (God) can be revealed through the finite (life on earth).

So, in this meditation, chant the mantra powerfully. Come into harmony with your origins and originality. Embrace your uniqueness, all that you are, and all that you can create. Enjoy yourself along the way!

Meditation for Creativity With God

This meditation can be found in the manual KRIYA.

Posture: Sit straight in Easy Pose.

Mudra: Place the hands in Gyan Mudra, the tip of the first finger touching the tip of the thumb. Bend the elbows so the forearms form a 60-degree angle in front of the chest. The elbows are lifted away from the sides of the body, and the palms are slightly turned toward each other.

Eye Focus: Concentrate at the Brow Point and feel the force of energy develop in the hands.

Mantra: God. Pronounced Gaa Daa. Begin to chant rhythmically and powerfully from the solar plexus.

Time: 22 minutes.meditation-for-creativity-with-god

To End: Inhale deeply, suspend the breath, and silently let the breath go.

Breathe of Fire: In the same posture, begin Breath of Fire for 3 minutes.

Long Deep Breathing: Then inhale, and shift to very long deep breaths while meditating on the mantra for 6 minutes.

Total Time: 31 minutes.

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