Our community here in Phoenix, Arizona was blessed to have Mirabai Ceiba come to Yoga Phoenix this past weekend. It was a busy weekend here in Phoenix, there were certainly enough events going on to satisfy anyone’s spiritual palate. In addition to all that was going on, there was the incredible blessing to spend an evening with Mirabai Ceiba. In the cozy space there were 50 of us that chanted as one voice throughout the night, while Angelika Baumbach (Sat Hari Kaur) and Markus Sieber (Harimander Singh) lead us through the melodic mantras from their latest CD, “A Hundred Blessings.”

Which until that night I had only heard a preview of their new album, but had remembered Markus telling me of his excitement to be working with the producer Jamshied Sharifi on this new CD. The evening started out with everyone setting their personal prayer for the evening as we all chanted Ardas Bhaee together. Everyone seemed a little shy at first with their voices, but Markus encouraged everyone to freely open up and join them with our own voices.

Mirabai Ceiba seems to have a beautiful balance of sound from heaven and earth, by the combination of their voices together. Halfway through the event, we took a short break from chanting, as Markus led us through a pranayam exercise to open the heart center. When the chanting started up again, Markus invited Sat Kartar Kaur to join him for Sa Ta Na Ma which was a nice surprise.

Then on the next mantra Ra Ma Da Sa, Angelika gracefully returned on stage with their newly born baby Pema Sukhmani, who was in the womb during the time they recorded their recent album. There were only the soft lights spread across the floor in front of the room to provide a nice ambience as we focused our attention on the fragile state of our earth in this time of transition. Afterward, Markus mentioned how it seems like every concert is in preparation for this mantra, to be able to create that space for universal healing.

As the night came to an end, we all sang May the Long Time Sun Shine song with our hearts wide open. Then gathered in the next room for some yogi popcorn and yogi tea. While Sat Hari (Angelika) and Harimander (Markus) signed and sold their albums. Hopefully this is the start of many more 3ho kirtan artists coming to town, because the visit from Mirabai Ceiba felt like our community received “A Hundred Blessings.”

Event Review written by Livtar
April 19th 2010

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