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Airdate: March 1, 2012

Join Ramdesh and Sat Purkh Kaur Khalsa, the multi-talented poet, writer, songwriter, singer, and Editor and Creative Director of the Kundalini Research Institute to discuss her Kundalini yoga journey and her three spellbinding CDs, Nectar of the Name, Queen Be: The Goddess Within and Beautiful Day: The Aquarian Sadhana.

Also author of the book Everyday Grace: The Art of Being a Woman, Sat Purkh first came across Kundalini yoga in a studio where she was teaching a Hatha yoga class. Though she never personally met Yogi Bhajan, she says that there are hundreds coming into the practice that will never get to meet him in person, “…but he is more alive to me now than when he was in his physical form. It is my privilege to get to work with his teachings every day.”

Nectar of the Name

From Nectar of the Name, you will hear the beautiful “Aisa Naam,” one of the first songs Sat Purkh wrote when she discovered Kundalini yoga. “The song came from a deep sense of having found my path,” she says. It is about obedience to your own soul, your own inner guidance, your Guru Dev. Part of the track, sung in English, also gives a nod to her Christian roots. This truly inspiring piece will be familiar to many Kundalini yogis, and if you haven’t heard it before, you are in for a treat.

Next comes “Guru Dev Mata,” also from Nectar of the Name, a vibrant dance track we often hear in Kundalini yoga classes. Ramdesh points out Sat Purkh’s willingness to tackle mantras and shabads in a unique manner. This piece will surely make you want to get up and dance and sing!

To balance the emotions, call upon prosperity and bring peace to the heart, listen to Sat Purkh’s “Sat Narayan Hari Narayan” from the album Queen Be: The Goddess Within. “Often mantras are concept-based words rather than a linear expression of meaning,” Ramdesh notes. “Vibrate and connect with the concept.” Sat Purkh offers instructions for the meditation to accompany this mantra.

Queen Be: The Goddess Within

You’ll hear “Mangala Saaj Bhai aa Longing” from Queen Be: The Goddess Within, a powerful piece that can be used to call forth your soul mate to you (and even opens with a bagpipe!). In fact, without thinking of marriage or a mate, Sat Purkh met her beloved when recording this piece and is soon to be married. “Our marriage was arranged in the ethers; we really had very little to do with it,” Sat Purkh smiles.

Listen to Sat Purkh’s energetic version of “Ajai Alai Fearlessness” from Queen Be. “I wanted the sound to really bring out the energy of fearlessness,” Sat Purkh explains. The mantra, she says, encourages everyone to be willing to stand up and be yourself; fearlessness is about bravely being your authentic self, about being unafraid to be who you really are.

What’s up next for this prolific Renaissance woman? Sat Purkh is planning another album in the fall called Love & Other Miracles, which will include devotional and love songs. You can hear upcoming clips on Sat Purkh quotes Yogi Bhajan as saying “If you’re going to fall in love keep falling.” Tune into this wonderful podcast: You are surely going to fall in love with Sat Purkh’s beautiful music and captivating voice.

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Beautiful Day: The Aquarian Sadhana

Everyday Grace: The Art of Being a Woman

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