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Still “flying high” from Sat Nam Fest West 2012 in Joshua Tree, California, Ramdesh devotes this exciting podcast to the brand new release The Grace Within You: Live From Sat Nam Fest 2011, recorded last fall in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania. This magnificent mix of selections captures many of the highlights of the live event and will surely inspire you to mark your calendars for Sat Nam Fest East 2012, coming up September 13-16.

Track one on the podcast is the theme song for the festival, “Sat Nam: The Grace Within You.” It is sung every year at the closing ceremonies, and is a beautiful way to end this special event, by recognizing our true identity, and the light and grace within each and every one of us. This track is graced by the voice of Gurutrang Singh Khalsa as well as all the artists, cast, and crew of Sat Nam Fest and Spirit Voyage.

Next is a wonderful rendition of a mantra familiar to all: “Hallelujah” by Snatam Kaur. Sing along and get lost in the bliss of the divine, and be guided by Gurmukh who was teaching the class when this recording was made. You’ll feel the magic and energy that comes with the perfect pairing of these two beloved and inspiring Kundalini yoginis who offer CD quality music with DVD quality instruction—live, at Sat Nam Fest!

“I Am” by AYKANNA is next, a track that is so awesome you will feel as if you are really there at Sat Nam Fest when you listen. “Feel it, live it, be it,” and sing along with the wondrous duo Akahdahmah and Pauline Sukhdev.

Next up, “Yemaya” by Mirabai Ceiba. Inspired by an African song, and a beautiful example of how the Kundalini yoga scene is evolving to include mantras and chants from many different traditions.

“I Am the Grace of God” by Gurunam Singh comes next, an empowering and uplifting English mantra. Experience your own divinity as you sing and chant along.

Of course, no Sat Nam Fest CD would be complete without the delicious voice of Jai-Jagdeesh. This new, live version of “With You,” may be even better than the original (if that’s even possible!). The track is especially moving as Jai-Jagdeesh sings along with her father, Sat Kartar Singh, a member of The GuruGanesha Band.

A beautiful “Ong Namo” by Harnam Singh follows with Siri Kartar Singh playing incredible pedal steel guitar. “Every artist has such a unique and different vibe,” says Ramdesh. “You never know what’s going to happen next!”

You’ll also hear a rocking “Joy is Now” by the always amazing GuruGanesha Singh, and “Guru Ram Das” by Nirinjan Kaur and Ram Dass, two extremely talented up and coming young artists.

Check out this podcast and enjoy the energy and love of this amazing gathering. “Sat Nam: The grace within you shines through you forever more!”

The Grace Within You: Live From Sat Nam Fest 2011

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