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Air date: May 31, 2012

It’s all things Spirit Voyage Mexico and all things Spanish-language kirtan on this exciting podcast featuring Spirit Voyage CEO Hargobind Khalsa. Listen as Spirit Voyage goes south of the border to celebrate and support Spanish-speaking Kundalini yoga practitioners and musicians.

The show opens with the gorgeous song “In Hi Ki Kirpa Ke” by Mexican sacred chant artist Gurujodha Singh, from his new album, Kirpa (which means kindness). You’ll also hear his beautiful “Bendiciones,” a translation of a Yogi Bhajan poem.

Kirpa by Gurujodha Singh

What’s going on with Spirit Voyage Mexico? Hargobind, who first became enamored with Mexico while traveling when he was still in school, says that the Mexican people have embraced the Kundalini Yoga practice and its music with passion. “We’ve always found that some of our biggest concert turnouts have been in Spain and Mexico,” he observes.

To answer the call for Kundalini yoga information and products, Spirit Voyage has launched a new blog ( which will serve as a user-friendly information source and a social media network where people who speak Spanish can come together to discuss and learn about mantra, meditation, a healthy life style, and the many facets of Kundalini yoga.

Spirit Voyage will also hold its first Sat Nam Fest Mexico December 29- January 1 at a beautiful retreat center in the mountains. Snatam Kaur, Gurmukh, Mirabai Ceiba, and many others have already signed on for the event, as well as many remarkable KY teachers from Mexico City. There is also a Spirit Voyage en Español Facebook page where Spanish-speaking practitioners can gather and interact in a vibrant online community.

Hargobind, who speaks fluent Spanish, offers a special message to the community. Ramdesh adds that it will be her “personal goal” to learn Spanish this year (we’re holding you to that, Ramdesh!)

If you speak Spanish (and even if you don’t), you’ll be delighted by the next track, “Earth Prayer” from Snatam Kaur’s album Ras. Snatam, who has always been passionate about the Earth and our natural environment (and donates a portion of the proceeds from her CDs to this cause) sings and chants so beautifully in Spanish. Next you’ll hear “Mothers Blessing” from Liberation’s Door, a soulful track that incorporates Spanish and English. In every language, this very powerful prayer of a mother for her child is profoundly moving.

Liberation's Door

No discussion of Spanish language kirtan would be complete without Mirabai Ceiba. Currently on tour in Europe, the couple (Markus Sieber and Angelika Baumbach) “represents so much of the internationalism that exists in the Kundalini yoga family all over the globe,” Ramdesh notes. Listen to “Despierta” from their album A Hundred Blessings.

A Hundred Blessings by Mirabai Ceiba

Check out this podcast and the new blog and website for inspiring Spanish-language sacred chant music, and Kundalini yoga information and products. Comparte el amor!

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