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Air date: October 20, 2011,

Join Ramdesh for a special hour with Gurmukh, one of the most preeminent Kundalini yoga teachers and a “beacon of light” in the world. Gurmukh, who travels the globe spreading the Kundalini yoga teachings, graciously made time to discuss yoga, the Aquarian Age, and her experiences with her former student, Ramdesh.

What does Kundalini yoga mean to Gurmukh? “It means transformation,” Gurmukh says. “It’s not just a transformation, it’s a quick, after-one-class feeling so connected like something is happening beyond, and for many people like it’s never happened before in their lives, that’s how fast it works.” Gurmukh explains that Kundalini yoga frees you like a bird from its cage—you are free from old conditioning, false thoughts and old patterns. Through Kundalini yoga we learn that we are bountiful, beautiful and blissful and that we are born happy, healthy and holy.

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What does Gurmukh love most about Kundalini yoga? “I love the way I feel, I love the energy that it gives me, I love the way my body moves, the way my mind stays creative, how I can let forgiveness come more and more into my life, how I can have good, healthy food choices, friendships, community; there is want of nothing, everything comes,” is this extraordinary teacher’s beautiful response. She should know—she’s been practicing for 42 years and has witnessed the transformation of people all over the world. It gives you clarity, a loving heart, everything you’d ever want, including prosperity and abundance, she adds.

Ramdesh and Gurmukh also discuss the Aquarian Age, which Gurmukh says is a time of vast change, a time of enlightenment, and a golden age. “We’ll find our truth within ourselves; we won’t have to look outside of ourselves to find who we are and what our truth is.”

Yogi Bhajan taught us to serve at this time especially, she points out; we need to stay strong and be ready to serve and help others. The opening of the Aquarian Age, she says, is a time to gather with others: “It’s no longer a time to be alone in the world. We can’t do anything just by ourselves anymore…[on 11/11/11] just gather together with prayer, song, dance, and celebration.”

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Gurmukh also takes several calls from listeners, so tune in to hear her advice on subjects ranging from preparing to give birth in the Aquarian Age, to following a cleanse to purify the body. You’ll also hear the fascinating story of how Gurmukh met Yogi Bhajan and found Kundalini yoga (or it found her) when she was just 27 years old back in the day when there were no yoga centers, no yoga mats, and yoga was taught for free in the parks. “It was purely to serve humanity, to uplift humanity, and that is how I learned the value of yoga,” she recalls.

Listening to the wise words of Gurmukh is always a treat and an honor but it is especially lovely to overhear the exchange between this venerable teacher and her remarkable student, as they, like two beautiful birds, fly free together.

On this podcast, Ramdesh also introduces listeners to the Spirit Voyage 40 Day Global Sadhana: Be in Flow With Your Highest Wisdom, which is lead by Gurmukh and Snatam Kaur.

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