Children are amazing mirrors.  There’s just nothing like parenthood to show us exactly where our strengths and weakness lie, the face of our neuroses, and what kind of example we set for the world around us. With self awareness and reflection, spiritual practice, and honest inner assessment we can become more conscious of our patterns and what changes are needed so that we can be more present in our parenting.  It is hard work but the rewards are huge for the future generations.

Sevak Singh Khalsa, a life counselor and Kundalini Yoga teacher for more than 30 years, has noticed a trend in the young adults he counsels.  He has found that many come to him struggling with addictions, which when analyzed, can be traced back to specific gaps in their relationship with their parents.  He says, “Almost universally the parents of these young people were either disconnected from or ignorant of the effects that their internal struggles and patterns would have on their children.  The mind-blowing thing was how predictable these struggles and patterns were from parent to parent.”  This trend inspired him to develop and teach parenting workshops to raise the bar for parents – using self analysis, discussion, yoga, and meditation.

One workshop, coming up July 31 in Phoenix, AZ will focus on this: Developing the Person Inside the Parent.  Sevak Singh says, “There are definite stages that are universal in human development.  These stages carry forward into our parenting and caregiver personality.  When we are stuck in one stage or another everything, especially our relationships, reflect it.  I have found many parents operating emotionally with the self-image of a 5-year-old.  There is no fault in this, we simply were never taught what it means and how to progress through these stages.  Now would be a good time.”

Yoga and meditation, and spiritual practices in general, are powerful tools both for modeling a balanced approach to life and for processing and working through our own inner issues.  Sevak Singh recommends a regular practice of Nabhi Kriya for parents as well as meditations to develop the neutral mind and intuition.

Conscious intention and personal growth is vital as a parent and role model for the next generation.   Sevak Singh says, “As this new age progresses so must humanity with deeper understanding and commitment to serve each other, starting with the family unit.”

For more information on the upcoming Developing the Person Inside the Parent workshop with Sevak Singh Khalsa, please visit his website at

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