Spirit Voyage Music has always been inspired by the meditative chanting inherent in the practice of Kundalini Yoga. The music enhances our meditative experiences.

We have linked meditations to different mantras through our MantraPedia & The Meditation Section of the site. We hope this will be useful for people to experience the music in an even deeper way, and for teachers to find inspiration and new material for teaching.

In my limited experience teaching, I would often get a CD and love the mantra. Then I would go running around looking through manuals trying to find a good set to match up with my music. It seemed a little backward, but I definitely found if the music inspires me, the classes would be far more interesting.

Meditation Image

There are a few new ways to explore the mantras and meditations. You will see now when you check out many of the Mp3 pages, that there is a link for See Mantra Info. This link will take you to a Mantra Page with the written lyrics, translation, and other items that also have the same mantra.

Meditation Image

So if you are doing a meditation for 40, 90, 120, 1000 days, you can mix up the music as you need. Also on this page you will find,  meditation recommendations for practicing with the music. Leave us a comment if you find it useful.

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