numerologyThe month of December is a time to relax and regenerate. We have all been through so much this year, more than anyone could have expected or anticipated, there is now the need to totally chill out. A deep rest is required, along with holiday festivities and social camaraderie. The number 3 of December (1+2=3) represents the themes of fun, humor, self-nurturing, and ease. It is actually okay, by the numbers, to eat a little more, dance a little more, and take chunks of time out to daydream, socialize, and sleep in late on the weekends.

December is a deeply sentimental time, and we will all find ourselves sifting through the pages of a picture book of recent and long forgotten memories, all connected to the themes of love and relationships. What people have meant to us, and where they are in our lives (or not), will occupy a steady train of thought for us all. This is actually a healthy process, we all need to engage in this, as it will allow space for new things in the coming new year.

It is essential to create a hibernation zone for yourself, a deep and undisturbed time of reflection, rest, and sleep. The reason for this, in part, is to sort through two important themes of 2013, which are, “Where is the love?” and, “Why don’t you love me back the way I love you?”  Nearly everyone has been struggling with one or both of these primary aspects, and we now need to let go of what is no longer working in our inner emotional landscape, or it will kill our life force vitality. It’s all about the energy, my friends, and if you somehow got lured into a house of cards full of smoke and mirrors, hit the floor running and head for the door.

Part of the reason we need relax and hibernate in December is because the calendar year of 2014 starts off like a firecracker swirling through a cyclone. The overall number for 2014 is a 7 (2+0+1+4=7), however I am going to focus on the Gift number for the year, which is a 5 (1+4=5). Number 5 represents change itself, and since it is by way of Significant Number 14, there is an element of revolution to these changes.

Revolution has often historically meant violence and destruction, however the higher octave of revolution is in our ability to perceive where we are trapped, and how to creatively and consciously make a change. The ultra higher octave of revolution is when we own our own power and stop blaming others for being in the way.

2014 will gift everyone with the opportunity to explore where we have been held captive in our lives, not realizing that the key to liberation is in our own pocket.

The saving grace and jewel of the year is in one of the advanced calculations, which is called the Asset. (Asset is: Gift of 5 + Year of 7 ==12). No matter how crazy things get (and they will), know that help is just a heartbeat away, if you allow yourself to think outside the box. Twelve is the number of tribes, and the changes around the corner through climate and weather events, as well as other social phenomenon, will cause the cosmic deck of cards to be wildly reshuffled. Everyone will be getting the chance to meet new and different types of people that they haven’t experienced before. There is real opportunity here if you can just break free of all the conditioning surrounding who you think could be your friend.

In the 2003 Indie film, “Pieces of April,” a young Gen-X girl named April decides to invite her conservative, suburban family to her NYC Lower East Side apartment (not pretty), for Thanksgiving dinner. She’s never cooked before, and Thanksgiving morning discovers that the oven in her apartment doesn’t work either. This sends her off on a mission to find someone in her apartment complex willing to let her cook the turkey in their oven, which of course is a lot to ask. Because she has spunk she keeps trying, even after the turkey has been temporarily held hostage, and after other peculiar yet believable events. When her family arrives, they take one look at where she lives and turn around to go eat out at a restaurant, leaving her behind. Because April has connected with nearly everyone in the apartment complex on her turkey-baking quest, she turns around and invites them all over for the holiday feast. This film has a lovely ending to it, and is well worth watching, as it perfectly illustrates part of the transformational dynamic of 2014. That dynamic is, first it looks like a disaster, it’s totally impossible, and then it works out brilliantly, better than what you could have planned.

This wave of tribal energy is where the real solutions are to everything. Yes, everything. Your loneliness, isolation, and lack of inspired action is, in part, because of a missing connection to a kindred spirit that your Soul is longing to meet. 2014 holds this magic for us all, and I look forward to seeing you there. Big Hug, and Sat Nam.


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