This song is a love song to the wildness that dances in the shadows of life. When creating an album of songs about the moon, it quickly became apparent to me that there needed to be space for the beautifully feral sense of wildness that lives in the lunar realm. My dreams often become strange journeys with potent images as the moon comes close to being full. I truly believe that we all have a wildness like the turning ocean and the heavy winds of a winter storm living within us, and I celebrate that beauty alongside our more peaceful experiences. This song embraces a sense of letting go and being guided or taken on life’s journey.


The lyrics are inspired by the many stories of people being taken away by faeries or nature beings, guided through some sort of experience, and then waking unsure if it was real or a dream. The song became a celebration of the dreamlike parts of life, and the life lessons we get pulled towards.The song is also in celebration of the images we all carry in our deep psyche. As we go into the lunar space of night, our minds flood our senses with colors and images of a less literal space. To me, our dreams are sacred and hold great meaning. I felt it was important to offer a song in this album that let the dreamworld stay wild, and to welcome that untamable dance of the psyche with open arms.
The song is inspired by my own love of dreamwork, and also by my endless connection to folklore. Most of the books on my shelves reflect on the importance of story and dream in our growth, understanding and depending as people. I love looking back, and carrying traditional songs, stories and wisdom forward. This song in particular references the many stories of getting lost as a way of becoming more whole. I appreciate the stories and experiences that remind us that complexity is potent and life can appear messy and unknown in great moments of learning and exploration.
This song holds space for the unknown shadows, and I love that about it.


Dance of the Moon made its way onto the album very much of its own volition. I was planning to make the album a fully meditative project with spaciousness throughout and very little lyrical elements. I discovered early in the process of recording this project that it was only possible to get into the energy of the moon if I recorded at night. It was important to welcome that sense of darkness and the deep silence of the world asleep. One night I was lost in editing the full moon track which, as a 16 minute very hypnotic song, always put me in a dreamy state. I took a break for a few minutes to try to regain some clarity and picked up my guitar for fun. I sat down, and wrote this song in one sitting. I recorded it that night so I wouldn’t forget the idea, and that scratch track became the foundation for the final recording with many of the elements still in the final track. There was an energy to those late nights working in the studio that felt like the energy of this song. I had decided to make a project about the moon and the way it impacts how we feel as humans. It then took me on an unexpected journey. I never planned for the album to come out the way it did, but more felt it reveal itself to me like a dream would. I simply tried to listen and capture the moments when it had a story to tell. The lyrics of the song say that the night carried me away and took me to all these places and other worlds, and that’s truly what this music has done in my own life. I feel very excited to share it after such a profound experience of creating it, and to hear where it will take others!



Join us on Friday, June 19th at 4:00 EST in the Global Dance of the Moon where Ajeet will be sharing an acoustic version of the new song, leading us directly into our Global Dance Party with DJ Goddess Sophie Sôfrēē of Wakamaia, who will be spinning beats and songs to dance, howl, and play in under the light of the Moon.

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