Sukhdev Jackson of Aykanna

Beautiful People,

We came back yesterday from an epic trip in Costa Rica to a city filled with happy lights and decorations. Its all very holiday holiday ish!  is good to be home and we also dreamed of moving with our friends to Costa Rica ; ). More about that later….

We talked a lot on this trip about how we could create this holiday season as a powerful time individually and collectively,  in a way that made sense to us.  The topic ” cultivating the light of the mind” came up.

I have personally found myself indulging in way too much negative thinking lately and I see that there are a few things that bring me to that isolated place within where I feel so alone sometimes, like there truly may never be light again!. I found myself in the middle of beautiful Costa Rica, sun shinning, waves flowing, beach, smoothies, laughter and I was digging so deep into the darkest corners of my mind, facing things in a way I might have not before…..being that we were on the RECOVERY 2.0 retreat explains why….. I believe, it is impossible to take a group of people through a recovery journey without going through it yourself. So I sure did face some demons….That was my experience and if you check in with Akah, Tommy or Kia, they might tell you something different.

And I will say the trip was also  filled with joy, laughter and breakthroughs but I first had to get real with my self and take a good look at where I am still hiding from my truth, compensating with behavior that does not serve my Soul’s journey and how lack of some discipline in my life is causing me some misery.

So here are my top 5 reasons of why I indulge in negative thinking. (I encourage you to do this liberating exercise. It takes 2 mins)

1. When I fall off my sadhana practice and find every reason why NOT to practice.
Here are some of my favorites….
A. I hardly slept, Sahej was up feeding all night!
B. She is up and now I don’t have time
C. I just got to get this newsletter done ; )
D. I’ll start tomorrow
E. Hmm, a latte and a hike sound really good! Who needs a practice!

2. When i don’t keep my word to MY SELF about something I said I would do
3. When I project negativity onto others.
4. When I have unexpressed resentment and need to do some forgiveness work.
5. When I don’t take some moments for myself throughout the day to reflect, get a deeper breath in and give thanks.

Now Cultivating the Light of the mind was one of the ways I was able to find myself out of my dark hole coupled with remembering that the Soul’s journey is made of both light and dark. They go hand in hand. Somehow when I am in the darkness I forget that. When I am in my bliss I also forget that I may visit the darkness within again. I feel like I will always be in bliss, how can it possibly be any different! I am reminded that these spaces and places of growth are crucial…It is good, I am deeply humbled.

So what does cultivating the light of the mind look like?
Hmmm….well, I will give you my version in five easy steps which are the reverse of the five steps that get me into the deep funk! Interesting.

1. Doing a practice, preferably in the early morning hours but anytime will also do if that is what I got.
2. Keep my word to myself, honor my soul. No one needs to know about it. The quieter I can keep about it, the stronger I feel.
3. Project only love onto others and deal with what comes up in the moment.
4. Chant, recite mantra, dance every time that I feel like the darkness is entering into my mind.
5. Stay away from eating emotionally.

This simple things keep me in the light, feeling light, grateful and present. Are they easy? no. But so worth the little effort that they take and the full body presence that I am called into when I can live my life from that place.

All Love Surround You,


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