Wahe Guru Space Choir by Crown of Eternity (Mike and Gallina Tamburo)

From the album When The Music’s On
Starring Gallina Tamburo as The Ecstatic Woman
Written, Directed, Animated By Mike Tamburo

s On 600-600Crown of Eternity’s newest album (released November 11, 2016), When The Music’s On, comes from a space of deep exploration, surrender, healing and love. It is Crown of Eternity’s most vulnerable album yet.  It envelops the listener with a new depth, honesty, a delicate longing and a powerful journey of triumph into the infinite pulse of the soul.  Drawing upon Mike Tamburo’s creative spirit and ingenuity as a multi-instrumentalist and arranger, and the unique studio alchemy of long time collaborator Anthony Molina, Crown of Eternity creates a richly expressive sonic palette of layered harmonies and expansive soundscapes that transcend genres and touch the heart deeply.  The hypnotic and cosmic vibration of Gallina and Mike’s voices engulf and guide the listener on a  journey of exploration of the richness of each moment and the celebration of the infinite flow of creativity.


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