Spirit Voyage Proudly Presents: Creating Mirables with Mantra – with Aykanna!


Aykanna’s November vlog series focuses on the transformative power of chanting mantras. In the first of this four part vlog series, Aykanna discusses the technology of mantra, and why it is so powerful. They discuss the correct way to chant mantras, and lead us through a beautiful mantra meditation to create miracles, bring prosperity, happiness, and protects us from calamities. It is a shield that brings good luck and removes discomfort and disease.

Complete Mantra:

Har Har Har Har Gobinday,
Har Har Har Har Mukunday
Har Har Har Har Udaaray
Har Har Har Har Apaaray
Har Har Har Har Hariang
Har Har Har Har Kariang
Har Har Har Har Nirmaanay
Har Har Har Har Akaamay


Har – Infinite Divinity.
Gobinday- Sustainer.
Mukunday- Liberator.
Udaaray- Enlightener.
Apaaray- Infinite
Hariang- Destroyer
Kariang- Creator
Nirnaamay- Nameless
Akaamay- Desireless


Sit in easy pose with your spine straight.  Bend your elbows so that your hands are comfortable in front of you at approximately shoulder height. Chant the mantra!  When you chant ‘Har,’ quickly open and close your hands as you pull the navel point in and up.  Repeat these actions each time you chant ‘Har.’

You can find more information about this mantra, along with MP3 downloads of the mantra here!





Check out Aykanna’s incredible music here!

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