Welcome to the weekly vibe tarotscope for July 13-19, 2020!

This week is all about releasing. Many are releasing relationships, jobs, and other circumstances that are no longer serving the life that they are trying to create. We are moving towards people, places and situations that allow for an equal energy exchange, which is in accordance with the natural rhythm of the universe. We are SO over being martyr’s and victims, and we are letting go of mindsets and situations that keep us there. 

The cards this week are asking you to consider how you are showing up in the world. Is this version of yourself compatible with the life that you are creating? And if not, why is that? We also have guidance to embark on healing some core issues with inner child work. What are we still hanging on to that betrays us, keeping us bound and locked into cycles that keep us hurt, rather than allowing us to heal. 

This is big, deep, emotional work we are being asked to do. But I know we are up for it!

To support you with this deep, core level inner work, you will need some music to soothe your heart as you release what is no longer in alignment. Keep this on repeat this week, allowing the sound current to wash over every cell in your body. In particular, the mantra Chattr Chakkr Vartee will be helpful in releasing any fear you are feeling as you do this work. There are some beautiful options from Snatam Kaur, Ajeet, Ram Dass & Mirabai Ceiba at the top of the playlist for you!

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If you are into visualizations and guided meditations, this is a really simple, fast and effective visualization adapted from the Sacred Rebel Oracle Deck by Alana Fairchild. 

Lie down and take a few nice deep breaths to connect with the present moment. Place your hands on your heart &  say out loud “I love myself.  I love my body and my body loves me. I trust my body & my body trusts me. I love wisdom and wisdom loves me. I trust wisdom &  wisdom trusts me. Because I love & trust myself, I know what works for my life, and what does not. I allow myself to release what no longer serves me. I release with unconditional love & gratitude. And so it is.”

If you would like to use a visualization to accompany this practice, visualize a green emerald light with sparkling gold flakes rising up from the earth, and forming a protective shield of any shape or size around you. Allow yourself to feel loved, held, supported and protected by the warmth and brilliance of this light. Repeat your affirmations as many times as you would like. Stay in this protective space as long as you would like, and when you are ready, say a prayer of gratitude. Your healing work is complete.

I hope this is helpful for you this week. May your journey be blessed and guided, safe and protected.
With all my love, 
Simranpreet (Jenni 💖)

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