Welcome to the weekly vibe tarotscope for July 20-26, 2020!

This week is all about dreaming. As Neal Donald Wash likes to say – what’s the biggest, grandest vision you can hold for yourself? If you weren’t busy believing the “i’m not good enough” or “i can’t because” narrative, what would you be believing that you could create in your life? If there were no obstacles to your success, what would your dream life look like?

In the midst of that, we have a gentle reminder…if you can take some time away from social media, the news, and all of these other places that like to deliver their cold hard reality with a heavy dose of their bias, and make space for the things that make you swoon. You know what I’m talking about. Those things that make you feel fluttery, that make your eyes go soft, your heart open, and you knees a little bit weak. Sink into THOSE things. Romance your soul. I promise, you will find inspiration there!

Suggested Listening this week:

It is my hope that these messages are helpful for you, and that this week brings you one step closer to the biggest and best life you could possibly create for yourself!

To support you with this deep, core level inner work, the Spirit Voyage Spotify Playlist Heart Full Of Song is the perfect choice. There is so much swoon-worthy poetry in this playlist, it will have you feeling like anything is possible! Keep this on repeat this week, allowing the sound current to wash over every cell in your body. 


Also, here’s a quick visualization adapted from the Sacred Rebel Oracle Deck by Alana Fairchild to help support you this week:

Sit up straight  or lie down. Close your eyes. Repeat to yourself: “I release all blocks to my vision. I release all beliefs – conscious & unconscious – stored in my body or mind that would have me belittle or minimize myself out of fear or ignorance. I choose to be big, bold, and bright – to vision with my heart and receive all the genius of the universe in supporting that vision coming to life. And so it is.”

You can say this in whatever words feel comfortable for you, and repeat them as many times as you want to. It will help you remember your magnificence! Whenever you feel complete, gently open your eyes. 

I hope this is helpful for you this week. May your journey be blessed and guided, safe and protected.
With all my love, 
Simranpreet (Jenni 💖)

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