sv_yogini_tribe-2 copy 2Each kundalini yoga event that I show up to for work exchange, the gifts I receive in return are always huge and immeasurable.  I think this is in perfect ratio to how much I show up in my heart and my mind to the event with the intention to serve.  It is more than an “exchange”~ I am here to offer myself, to offer what I can.

My first work exchange with Sat Nam Fest East occurred in fall of 2013.  It was also that same weekend that I gave an unconditional gift back to God, with intention.

What does it mean ~ to give a gift back to God?  If God is in everyone and in everything, and is the very process of life unfolding?  To me, it is giving unconditionally to the cause of God, the cause of Life, of Truth, of Love, or Freedom, or Harmony, or any of the aspects of the Divine.  Thus, in my opinion, we could give to an individual, or to a nonprofit, or to a company, or to a place of worship, with the intention of furthering benefit in this world.

In my understanding, what truly benefits one, benefits all.  Since we are all One.

And yet, with this giving, comes TRUST ~ that we have enough to share.

Trust in itself is an incredible gift . . .

Trust is what builds the bridge under our feet, when it looks like we are only walking on air.

leaping into faith!!

“There is another thing consciously we know, one tenth of our time belongs to God and one tenth of our money belongs to God, seed money, we call it Dasvandh, some people have started sitting on it, foolish, they are foolish. God doesn’t need your money, he needs your Consciousness, are you conscious that everything you owe one tenth is for God, its a story of consciousness, not a story of giving money, or doing charity, and bragging about it and all that you want to do, are you aware that one tenth of your time should be dedicated to God, are you aware that one tenth of your money, your hard-earned money.” Yogi Bhajan

Dasvandh, or tithing, is a concept that is in many cultures and traditions, under many names.  The idea is that one tenth of our money belongs to God, and that if we give it~ in the name of God, without expectation of return, with the intention of bringing forth more light to the universe, then the Universe shall return it in its own ways.  Some say 10-fold, however, we can’t possibly measure or know all the ways the universe is giving to us. It might be that by giving a donation, a karmic burden is released and we avoid an accident and all of its bills that would have come with it.  It truly is a game of trust.

I once asked my mentor, Diana Henderson, who channels beings of light, about this concept of giving.   Do we always receive in return?  The answer, through her, from my I AM presence, came as such:

“It is always true, that to give without condition opens the space within you for the fullness of blessings to be brought forth.  And it doesn’t matter from whence they come . . . the universe works in so many ways. But if you hold yourself in that space of unconditional love, and giving from the fullness of heart, and spirit, without attachment, the universe always gives, and more than you gave, in return.”

And this idea of 10 fold, is this how much we truly get back?

“The potential is there for it to be even greater than that.”

But it all depends on the place of love you are coming from?


Holding this idea within us, how then do we give without expectation?

For me the difference is between TRUST that the flow of God will come, vs. expectation or attachment to a particular outcome. But this is not just a mental choice, to align with this attitude.  It is an inner posture, of energy, within our heart.  Living within the asana of unconditional allowing.

On a higher level of understanding, giving and receiving are actually one energy~ and we simply need to allow its flow.


On this particular weekend of fall 2013, I was invited into this “dance of trust” with the universe.  I was living in the question, the invitation, of whether or not to give an individual I hardly knew a financial gift.

Some might say, giving to an individual does not count as “giving back to God” or Dasvandh.  However, as stated above, I believe that any gift to further the cause wellbeing in this world, without any expectation of direct personal gain, counts as giving to God.

If our intentions are so important, to the process of giving to God, then, how do we give?
I received the directions from my I AM presence, as channelled through my mentor:

“On a personal level, simply go to the place of unconditional love, and in giving in that energy, you are opening the space to receive, in whatever way the universe finds most appropriate.  For the flood of love comes to the open heart.  And as you give love, so you receive.  And if you look at those funds as more than something to use or hold onto, something financial~ see them as love, in the formulation that is held, that you can see and touch. And if you do this, see them as love being given, from a loving heart.  That is the best possible way.”

So I practiced, before I gave this donation. It became a meditation.

Dollarphotoclub_64722495In my mind’s eye, and in the energetics of my heart and my being, I imagined handing this individual a ball of light, a ball of unconditional love, streaming from the Divine into my heart, into my hands, into her hands, into her heart, back to the infinite Divine~ in all directions, infinitely in her world.  For whatever way she most needed benefit.  I held the intention that my gift multiply and bring forth the highest. I imagined the whole world benefitting from this flow of love.

So when I actually gifted her the funds, I could feel and allow that flow, being unattached to the outcome, trusting.

That weekend of Sat Nam Fest East was one of the most incredible spiritual events I have ever attended.  I held myself within that inner attitude of giving~ to my work exchange, to the individuals around me.  That whole weekend I felt like I was floating in a cloud of bliss.  The epic outpouring of gifts from the universe came especially in the last class.

It was announced that I was the winner for the Winter Solstice Sadhana Celebration that year!  I couldn’t believe it at first.  I had entered the drawing at the beginning of the weekend, but had not thought much about it.  Immediately the message came to mind: The universe always gives back, at least the amount you gave, and sometimes more than you can imagine.  Indeed the value of winning entry to this event was just a bit higher than the financial donation I had given earlier.

And the continuing gift from the universe felt far more immense than that.  The healing experience that followed during the class and beyond was what one might call a peak spiritual experience.

I felt the Oneness of Father Mother God holding me~ I have never felt in such wholeness with the unconditional love of the Universe.  I was pouring out my thankfulness, and it was flowing back into me from all directions~ the cycle of infinite bliss flowing into and through me.  In union.

This healing union~ beyond all words~ is immeasurable in its worth.

All because I chose to trust, and through intention, to become one with the infinite flow of unconditional offering.

So here is the invitation~ what way can you step more into trust of God?

How can you more trust yourself, this universe, the very process of life unfolding?

Trust not just because the mind likes the idea of it, but because you are honored to do so.  And this honor opens the path of inspiration. And in this inspiration we take that small step, or that huge leap, off the ground of our habitual known comfort zone, and into the open heavens of possibility and flow.  Trust becomes the bridge, as our inspiration ushers our consciousness across this geography of the unknown, into the future. In just a short time, this trust becomes knowing, and the once invisible bridge becomes our foundation to walk with God.

Illuminate yourself through the act of unconditional giving, as inspired by your heart and your higher mind . . . Build that bridge of light, from you to another, to a community, to the world, to the Divine. Build it in all directions, wherever intuitively you are called to align. Follow your inner knowing, and that which you give, on all levels, you shall find~ expanded infinitely by the mirror of this vast world sublime.

The amount we commit to offering ourselves to the Universe will inevitably flow back to us, in some form.  For we are One.

There are many ways to practice this “dance with the universe,” and to bring benefit to this world.  One such way is offering funds to support the efforts in Nepal, as organized through the Sat Nam Foundation fundraising efforts.  Let’s continue to help, to trust, and to know God through giving.




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