YogiBhajanOn August 26th, Kundalini yogis around the world will celebrate Yogi Bhajan’s birthday.  Yogi Bhajan was the master of Kundalini yoga, and broke with tradition by teaching this ancient technology openly in the west.

From August 15-August 25, the eleven days leading up to Yogi Bhajan’s birthday, connect with the spirit of Guru Ram Das by chanting the mantra “Guru Guru Wahe Guru, Guru Ram Das Guru” for 31 minutes a day.  You will be joining Kundalini yogis around the world in chanting this mantra and honoring Yogi Bhajan for bringing Kundalini Yoga to the west.

On August 26, at 3am Pacific Daylight Time, join the yoga community in chanting the Guru Ram Das mantra for 11 minutes.  This will be a wonderful opportunity to join the worldwide Kundalini yoga community in a synchronized meditation.

Mirabai Ceiba has two lovely versions of the Guru Ram Das mantra made for 31 minute meditations.  You can find them on the albums Night in Ram Das Puri and The Heart of Healing.

Night in Ram Das Puri by Mirabai Ceiba

The Heart of Healing by Mirabai Ceiba

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