We love this picture of Marilyn Monroe practicing headstand!  One of the early celebrity yoga practitioners, Marilyn Monroe wasn’t shy about sharing her yoga practice with the press.  Life Magazine once did a photo shoot with Marilyn Monroe showing off yoga poses like shoulderstand and plow, which she used to stay fit and toned.  Great job Marilyn for helping bring yoga to popular culture early on!

Marilyn Monroe may have been one of the first, but she certainly wasn’t the last celebrity yoga practitioner.  Beyonce and Lady Gaga have both been spotted rolling out their yoga matsAthletes like Lebron James and Dwayne Wade use yoga to improve their basketball game.  And we at Spirit Voyage know Oprah loves the music of Snatam Kaur, who is the gateway for many people to try Kundalini yoga.


Marilyn’s white yoga shorts would be great for Kundalini yoga in the summer.  The bathing suit would be great for yoga on the beach!  For winter, they’re both probably a bit too cold!  We might suggest these Chakra Pants with Skirt built in, which will definitely help her feel beautiful while she’s practicing.

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