Winter solstice , the longest night of the year is coming closer. It is a perfect time to go inwards and meditate on your inner light.

Here is a beautiful meditation for self and global healing, which you can do with the light of a candle or fire.

Guru Guru Wahe Guru  31:26


Guru Guru Wahe Guru

Guru Ram Das Guru

Listen to Mirabai Ceiba's beautiful version of Guru Ram Das on this incredible meditation Cd: "Night in Ram Das Puri"!

Tratakum Meditation:

Tratakum meditations are used to enhance concentration. One of the traditional practices is to gaze at a candle. Select a quiet environment. Sit like a perfect yogi and keep your spine warm by wrapping yourself with a shawl as the energy changes. Position a candle about 7 feet away. The flame should be at the height of the root of the nose. Start chanting the mantra (see Guru Ram Das, above) while focusing your eyes on the flame and see the corona of light around the flame. After 3 minutes focus on the area just under the hottest tip of the flame where there is a dark spot; light and dark coexist at this point. Meditate on that radiance with as little blinking as possible.  For the last 7 minutes,  close your eyes and visualize the image of the radiant light.  To enhance intuition and answer questions about the future, visualize the light at your third eye point.  For self-healing and global healing, visualize the light at the heart center.

To End:

Inhale deeply, close the eyes, and hold the image of the radiant light.


When looking at the flame, see it clearly without hallucination. Try not to use tricks of the eye to see movies in the flame. You should have the capacity to simply see what is and the radiance of what is.

Teacher’s notes from Karta Singh:

The meditation can be also done watching the flames of a fire.

Guru Ram Das is the meeting point between the Yogis and the Gurus, Shakti and Bhakti. Fire represents inspiration and purity. Faith that cannot die becomes devotion. Fire dissolves the duality of Bhakti and Shakti. You can be a yogi and still serve humanity. In the flame, you can see the gold of the Golden Temple. This is like the gold of our consciousness which establishes the higher self as the only reference. Fire can burn all karma. Fire is consuming and transforming old stuff in us and at the same time it is the mirror and the reflection of our golden aura. 

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