During the recent new moon, I received some advice to write down ten intentions focusing on the theme of transformation.

I wrote my list.

My list includes ways to improve family relationships, ways to bring more heart and soul to my livelihood, ways to keep up with my yoga practice, et cetera. Looking it over, I like to think it’s a typical list of today’s creative, invincible, sacred woman.

Out of curiosity—Beloved Reader—what might be on your list?

yogi amandeep

The Chants of Baba Siri Chand by Yogi Amandeep Singh.

With my list of intentions in mind and heart, I practiced a particular meditation. The meditation is called “Karani Kriya” from The Mind: Its Projections and Multiple Facets. This meditation involves holding a particular mudra and following a specific breath pattern. There is no need to focus on a particular mantra, but I found that using Yogi Amandeep’s recording of “Adh Such” was great keep up music.  This song can be found on the album  The Chants of Baba Siri Chand.

After about three days of this practice, my List of Intentions started to morph.

So, when I returned to my journal, I played around with the words on the list. I revisited and revised my list of transformations by adding the phrase “How can I serve from the heart?”

So, on the original list, I had written: 1. “Transform my daughters’ relationship so that they bicker less and focus on growing a more loving companionship.”

Once I refined my list, the new sentence reads: “1. How can I serve my daughters so that they transform their relationship to bicker less and focus on growing a more loving companionship?”

I rewrote all ten items, and this rewriting process is planting seeds for profound shifts in consciousness.  One small edit in writing, one giant leap in consciousness.

Now, the answers and guidance start to flow.  I am becoming clear about my role in the transformation process.  I am becoming clear on the ways I can be effective in the transformation process.  Once again, I am witnessing how meditation practice and the writing process work so well together to refine my consciousness.

This exercise is making me feel deeply empowered, and I feel this approach is in bringing new harmony to the spirit of my daily yoga practice and my daily writing practice.

So, I want to dance!

And, of course, I want to pray.

May we always sense the source of strength and inspiration within us! May we become intimate companions with the divine teacher within us! May we feel and be at ease with our true power, our true peace, and our true grace! May we understand one another with trust and affection! And, of course, may we sense the humor within ourselves and all things so we never take anything too seriously.

Sat Nam!11260942_754847817967351_12799616149666745_n

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