Trust. It’s a concept that many of us have a hard time with. Particularly in American culture, we are taught to be self-sufficient and independent. So it can feel very vulnerable to open up and trust in another person, or in the universe to take care of us. Kundalini yoga is a wonderful tool to help develop a greater sense of trust because it allows you to develop your intuition and open your heart. Through Kundalini yoga, meditation, and mantra, we can dispel the fears that hold us back, and trust in the abundant flow of the universe.

Do your yoga! Yogi Bhajan told stories of experience he had that reminded him to trust in his Guru to take care of him. This trust was built on the relationship he had developed over a lifetime of prayer and practice. If we want to trust the universe to take care of us, we need to spend time in our own practice. Building a relationship with the Divine, however you conceive of it, requires commitment. What that commitment looks like is up to you, and may change over time. But start somewhere! It could be a commitment to do a yoga dvd once a week. Or perhaps you will sit in meditation for 15 minutes a day. Whatever it is, make it a point to follow through. When we give it our all, so much more comes back to us.

Make a commitment to yourself to practice yoga regularly!

Develop your intuition. Learning to trust doesn’t have to be a passive process. For those of us who may be a little more “type A,” you can absolutely be an active participant in learning to trust more. If you have a strong intuition, you will be better at making the countless decisions we are all faced with each day. You will have a sense of the right course of action and the right people to have in your life. That isn’t to say that everything will always be easy, but that you will know you are on the right path even when things may be difficult.

There are meditations for intuition, or you can chant a mantra to strengthen your intuition. Transformation Vol 2 has an entire section devoted to kriyas and meditations to develop intuition. Pick one that works for you, and practice it regularly!

Transformation vol. 2

Open your heart. One thing that keeps many of us from being able to trust is fear. Fear closes us off and makes our world very small. If we can dismantle our fear (of not enough, of bad things happening, of getting hurt…) then we will see the amazing abundance the Universe has to offer. In Kristin Luna Ray’s song “Sita Ram” she sings the line “In true love there is no fear/in love there is no fear here.” Connect with your heart, and your ability to trust will be magnified. You could try the Sat Kartar Meditation to Open the Heart, or the Meditation to Open the Lock of the Heart in Transformation vol. 2.

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