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On November 9th, 2010, a growing community of lovers of yoga and consciousness (158 at press time) will join together to begin a 40 day sadhana of Bound Lotus.  There is no doubt that Bound Lotus is a challenge, but part of the challenge lies in having the bravery to begin, to try, and to reach inside of yourself to find something there you didn’t realize you had.

Of the thousands of kriyas, Bound Lotus is the most challenging, and few yogis ever achieve the perfect physical posture.  But the perfect pose is not what Kundalini Yoga is about, and it isn’t what this sadhana is about.  Most of us will require heavy use of props and modifications, and we are lucky to have Mahan Kirn Kaur, the author of the Bound Lotus Manual,

Mahan Kirn Kaur, author of the Bound Lotus Manual

and Harnam Singh, the Bound Lotus teacher at Summer and Winter Solstice,

Harnam Singh (photo credit Lou Eu)

as our teachers and guides in this journey.  They will show us in videos how to open our bodies using other yoga postures and kriyas to prepare for the pose.  They will show us how to use blankets, pillows, straps, socks and other props to create a safe and nurturing space.  Everyone must begin somewhere, and the benefits of Bound Lotus begin right there where you are.

Click here to read an inspiring interview with Harnam Singh on Bound Lotus!

Bound Lotus is a space of deep healing, on a physical, mental and emotional level.  It requires that we work on opening our shoulders and hips, that we listen to our body while ignoring our ego, and that we trust that the space just beyond our body’s limit is pure spirit.

Snatam Kaur

We will also use the Ray Man shabad, a transformative mantra of sheer power and grace written by Guru Gobind Singh, the 10th Guru of the Sikhs to inspire us through.  This mantra is one of healing and reminds us that true yoga, true healing, takes place in our hearts and spirits.  We are blessed to have Snatam Kaur offering to LIVE Stream a class with us on this shabad, to further our connection to it.  (Reciting this shabad is not part of the kriya, so you do not need to memorize it. )

This CD comes with the book, but can be purchased separately.

During this sadhana, we will meet Mahan Kirn Kaur, whose personal story of transformation and healing with Bound Lotus (from a wheelchair to a mobile, painfree life) has inspired a lifetime of teaching.  You will interact with Harnam Singh, a musician whose dedication to Bound Lotus is uplifting and motivating.  You will hear Snatam Kaur’s own lesson on the Ray Man Shabad and what it means to her.  We will have Facebook discussion groups, daily Facebook updates to get you through, Live classes, video clips, LIVE STREAM interviews, music from Nirinjan Kaur, Snatam Kaur and Harnam Singh….we’ll have so much available to you to help you through!

Now is the time to try to tackle this challenging but tremendously rewarding sadhana!  If you miss our group start date….start anyway!  Some people will miss a day and have to start over at day one, and we’ll be there with you encouraging you just the same!

We will be doing it for 11 minutes of Bound Lotus each day and the suggested music is Snatam Kaur‘s Ray Man Shabad Recitation. The Bound Lotus Manual by Mahan Kirn Kaur is an important resource, and while you do not need to have it, we encourage you to do so.  The information provided is invaluable.

The Bound Lotus Manual comes with a copy of Snatam Kaur's Bound Lotus CD

This Spirit Voyage 40 Day Global Sadhana Challenge is going to be amazing!  Join us for healing and transformation….Bound Lotus style!

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Also, send an email to me (Ramdesh) at svboundlotus@gmail.com and sign up for the challenge and I’ll send you emails with updates on the challenge, announcements about LIVE stream events and links to all the best Bound Lotus information!  I’ll be your personal coach through this…so reach out if you need me!

Unbind the lotus of your consciousness with Bound Lotus!

Just need an MP3 download of the companion CD? Click here!

Disclaimer: Many of the exercises and procedures in Bound Lotus require a significant degree of flexibility.  Many are not suitable for pregnant women, or people with pre-existing hip, knee, ankle or back injuries. Check with your physician before attempting Bound Lotus or any other exercise recommended by Spirit Voyage or any of its agents. When participating in the Bound Lotus Sadhana with Spirit Voyage, you acknowledge these exercises present a risk of physical injury or disability and you accept and voluntarily assume any and all risk, accident or harm of any nature that you might suffer due to participation.

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