Two years ago my wife, Siri Om Kaur Khalsa, mentioned that she wanted to open a Bikram Yoga Studio. She had opportunities to open in the past; she taught throughout Asia and extensively at studios throughout California & New Mexico. It was now her time. I believe all desires eventually manifest and hearing her say this made it part of my destiny as well.

Prior to joining Spirit Voyage, I unsuccessfully tried to open a string of drive thru coffee shops. This idea tanked for which I am very grateful. One day I talked this through with one of my teachers with relief to be out of the venture without losing ridiculous amounts of cash. He gave me a disapproving look and remarked – ” The universe owes you a coffee shop.”

In Autobiography of a Yogi, this concept is illuminated by Babaji manifesting a Golden Palace for his disciple. Manifesting this palace was crucial to fulfill the desires of the student and thus free him from the bonds of karma.

We are now in the building stage of the Yoga studio. Walls are up, the concrete has been cut, most of the heating equipment has been delivered, and the sign goes up this week. We expect to open in April. The karma is resolving itself.

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And of course come visit in April! (Stay tuned for information on our Spirit Voyage/Bikram Yoga Fairfax Grand Opening!)

(Editor’s Note:  The beautiful Siri Om Kaur Khalsa, seen above, is a phenomenal teacher.  I went to her class once for my very first Bikram Yoga class, and I was in a word…horrible.  She didn’t make me feel self-conscious at all as I fumbled through the poses the other more experienced Bikram practitioners sailed through.  She was engaging, entertaining and somehow…even through I was messing up left and right…made me feel like I was doing a good job.  She’s such a good teacher, I find myself wanting to move closer to be near her classes!  If you are in the DC area, pop into Bikram Yoga Fairfax when the studio opens.  Siri Om Kaur Khalsa alone is more than worth the trip.)

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