Sat Nam Fest is in two weeks! Everyone at Spirit Voyage is so excited to spend 4 days in Joshua Tree, CA practicing yoga and listening to some of the greatest yoga music artists around. Whether they are accompanying the yoga classes, or leading kirtan, these artists are going to blow everyone away with their amazing energy and fantastic music! Here is a best of list of the great music you’ll hear from each Sat Nam Fest artist.


Snatam Kaur is arguably the most beloved Kundalini yoga music artist in modern times.  Her beautiful voice and sweet spirit always shine through in everything she does.  Everyone who hears her will find themselves in bliss when she sings.

Mirabai Ceiba plays some of the sweetest music imaginable, and have wowed crowds around the world.  They will be leading sadhana chants, and also leading some of their most loved chants during the festival.

The GuruGanesha Band has been rocking the West Coast, and they are sure to be the biggest hit at Sat Nam Fest.  Not only will they be moving people with kirtan, but they are also helping to close out the festival by playing in the final yoga class with Guru Singh.  Get ready to have your socks knocked off!

Jai-Jagdeesh’s powerful, soulful voice is taking the yoga music scene by storm. At Sat Nam Fest you’ll get to hear your favorite tracks from her debut album I Am Thine when she accompanies Sat Siri’s yoga class and later leads kirtan.

Ram Dass is not only an amazing producer, he’s also a talented musician!  His debut album The Alchemist’s Prayer is a true testament to his musical skill, and hearing him live is going to be an awesome experience!

Nirinjan Kaur has a mesmerizing voice that will carry you away.  Her album Aquarian is much loved by everyone who practices morning sadhana, and it will be a real treat to sing these wonderful chants live as she leads sadhana Saturday morning!

Aykanna is an amazing duo that brings a little extra groove and energy to Kundalini yoga music.  They will definitely be leading a dance party during both of their kirtans at Sat Nam Fest!

Gurunam Singh is much loved for his beautiful songwriting and his incredible voice.  Not only will he be leading chants from albums like The Journey Home, he’s also very likely to sneak in a new song or two!

Prabhu Nam Kaur is renowned for the deep well of devotion that she expresses when she sings.  The shabads she recorded for her album Seasons of the Soul are sure to be a hit when she sings on Friday.

Harnam’s awesome guitar playing and sweet songwriting have made him a much loved Sat Nam Fest artist.  Tracks from his incredible new album A Fearless Heart will almost certainly be heard when he and Ramdesh Kaur lead the yoga class Living With A Whole Heart at the beginning of Sat Nam Fest on Thursday.

Guru Dass’s music has a wonderfully international flavor, and a beautiful sound overall.  His album Namo is a must-have in anyone’s music collection!

Ashana and her beautiful crystal singing bowls will definitely set a meditative mood when she performs on Saturday morning.  Songs from her albums, such as The Infinite Heart, will definitely move people deeply.

Simrit Kaur has a powerful, ethereal voice that moves audiences to the core.  Her album The Sweetest Nectar is incredible, and she will definitely be sharing some of these powerful tracks with the Sat Nam Fest audience.

You can get a taste of Sat Nam Fest with the album Live From Spirit Fest!

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