MED-000027-1A few months ago, I signed up for a wonderful series of Kundalini Yoga classes on the subject of prosperity. My teacher, Akalsukh, helped us to examine our relationship with money and encouraged us to be grateful for the abundance in our lives. We also learned a Meditation for Prosperity that we were to do every day for three to 11 minutes (beyond 11 minutes, it is said, would be greedy because it is so powerful). We were to chant the mantra “Har,” alternately striking the sides of the hands together, with our elbows at our sides, and forearms at a 45-degree angle.

Hoping, yes. But not really believing.

What happened in the next few months was rather astounding. At first, I noticed that the other participants in the class seemed to be making great progress in their lives and careers. At the classes, others would report that they’d gotten a new job, or a raise, or had so much work they suddenly couldn’t even keep up with it.  It seemed as if the mantra was working for everyone—except me.  In fact, I was embarrassed to tell the class that during the six-week session, yet another agent had backed away from my manuscript.

In a private discussion with my teacher one day, I mentioned the “Har” meditation. He asked if I was reciting the mantra with conviction and dedication. Or, he questioned, was I reciting the words without real belief in them?

To me, that sounded sort of like “blaming the victim.” Was it my fault that things weren’t going my way? Was I to blame for my own failures and rejections? Although I had had quite a bit of success as a writer, I simply wasn’t making the impact I wanted to.  I especially wanted to be writing about yoga, and hadn’t found a satisfying way to do that.

I was so distraught by the possibility that I wasn’t giving the mantra my “all” that I started to cry. In fact, I went home and wept with abandon. Could it be that all the rejection and failure and lack of money was because of me?

After a few days of ruminating on the topic, I decided I wouldn’t blame myself, but I would start taking the mantra more seriously. I chanted for fewer minutes at a time, but I chanted my heart out. I pressed my hands firmly together with each “Har, ” and chanted from my navel with feeling. I chanted every day, sometimes several times a day, and often just when I was sending out a query or email.

Within a few weeks, odd things began to happen. I sent a blog post to Spirit Voyage, and it was immediately accepted. I sent a query about writing a yoga column to a community news website, and the editor said, “Yes.” I began waking in the morning full of writing ideas; sometimes I’d awaken in the middle of the night to jot them all down. I felt like I was on fire with creativity.

My step seemed lighter. My heart seemed more open. My attitude seemed…well, very different. The more I chanted with passion and confidence, the more my life seemed to change.

Next, I sent a query to Spirit Voyage asking to write about this experience and Ramdesh agreed. I thought to myself, “This is great! But my story would be even better if I could land an agent.”

So I kept chanting. And within a week, an agent called and said she loved my book and wanted to represent me.

I know I still have a long way to go before my book (which just happens to be about yoga) sells a million copies and I land a movie deal! But I’m no longer viewing that outcome as an impossibility.

In fact, each time I practice the Meditation for Prosperity, I feel a little closer to my goal. And I feel more and more certain that mantra creates reality, makes dreams come true, and helps miracles unfold.

Meditation for Prosperity II

Mantra: Har

Posture: Sit in Easy Pose, with a light Jalandhar Bandh. Elbows are by the sides, forearms angled up and outward with the fingers at the level of the throat. The exercise begins with the palms facing down.

Alternately hit the sides of the hands together. The Mercury (pinky) fingers and the Moon Mounds (located on the bottom of the palms) hit when the palms face up. When the palms hit facing down, the sides of the Jupiter (index) fingers touch, and the thumbs cross below the hands, with the right thumb under the left.

Chant continuously from the navel, using the tip of the tongue.

Time: Continue for 3-11 minutes. This meditation can be done for up to 11 minutes. It is so powerful in bringing prosperity that more than 11 minutes would be greedy.

Eyes: Focus at the tip of the nose, through eyes 9/10th closed.

Complete Mantra: Har Har Har Har Har…





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