Ajeet and Snatam at Kripalu

Snatam Kaur and her band, featuring Ajeet Kaur, performing at Kripalu

“Everyone is a candle, some are just still waiting to be lit” -Yogi Bhajan

Today I am feeling especially inspired by the many saints, artists and open hearts who, just by being themselves, light up the lives of so many. As we chant Akaal for Maya Angelou, a way we honor a soul’s passing by chanting to its undying form, I feel filled with hope. With people like her visiting our sweet planet for a lifetime so beautifully lived, I know anything is possible.

From St. Francis, to Guru Nanak, to Maya Angelou, and all those in between, it only takes one life and one person to hugely impact our world. They are just people living their truth, and spreading their light wherever they go. They are special for sure, but the truth is we are all just like them. We are people with hearts, minds and a limited number of breaths to live this life to the fullest. Every spiritual practice and every one of these saints teaches that living life to the fullest means living for others, serving our world and spreading the light that shines within. As Maya Angelou said, “I am a rainbow in somebody’s cloud”.

Today as I reflect on this I am at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. It is a place that serves everyday for those who want to be re-illumined. Teachers of all traditions visit here to share anything they have learned from their practice with whoever comes to listen and learn. I often find myself sitting at a table here with as many traditions represented as there are people present, and it is so easy to honor each other’s different paths because we all have one common goal. We come to connect to that source of light so we can be an uplifting presence in the world. It’s time for us to let go of the boundaries that keep us apart, and to acknowledge the holiness of any path that connects someone to their own divinity.

This past weekend I was here with Snatam and a packed room of beautiful yogis for a workshop on developing a daily practice. The whole workshop was a reminder for me that my yoga is my way of bowing at the altar of my soul, and lighting my candle to share throughout the day. Whatever your way of illuminating yourself is, it has to come first. By connecting to ourselves it becomes possible to serve others. I love Yogi Bhajan’s image of each of us as a lighthouse, guiding anyone in the midst of a dark night safely to shore.

May this breath, this day and this life bring peace to every heart it touches. May you know yourself to be a shining light in this world for anyone who finds themselves lost in the darkness.

Be the light!


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