Some people, when starting new things, like to jump in the deep end and figure out how to stay afloat. Others like to wade in and work their way to mastery more slowly. If you are going to invite someone to try Kundalini yoga, it may help to know what sort of person they are – a wader or a diver? Throwing Kundalini yoga beginners into the “deep end” may guarantee that they run for the exit, never to return. It may also open their eyes to an exciting world of kriyas and meditations that transforms their life. Here are a few picks for basic and challenging Kundalini kriyas for the Kundalini yoga beginners in your life.


Basic Spinal Energy Series – Sadhana Guidelines

This set contains many elements that Kundalini yoga beginners will encounter in kriya after kriya. From spinal flexes, to Mul Bandh, to Sat Kriya – these are important practices that students of Kundalini yoga will be doing many many times in the course of their lives. This set is also important because the health and flexibility of the spine is necessary in and out of a yoga practice.

Sadhana Guidelines by Gurucharan S. Khalsa, PhD


Awakening Yourself to Your Ten Bodies – Owner’s Manual for the Human Body

“Basic” doesn’t necessarily imply “easy.” This set includes a couple of components which beginners might find somewhat challenging, such as frogs and wide-legged, seated stretches. However, with a proper understanding of going at the body’s own capacity and encouragement to do one’s best, this is a great set that would give someone a good taste of what Kundalini Yoga can offer.

Owner’s Manual for the Human Body


Bound Lotus – Bound Lotus Manual

This kriya/asana may be the mother of all challenging practices in Kundalini yoga. It requires a great deal of physical flexibility, and mental calmness. For beginners this can be a profound practice, but it requires a lot of modification and a short amount of time. The Bound Lotus Manual is an amazing resource for making this kriya accessible to anyone who wants to try it.

Bound Lotus Manual by Mahan Kirn Kaur

Sahibi Kriya To Master Your Domain – I Am A Woman

The challenge of this kriya is both in the movements and the lengths of time they are held. For a beginner to Kundalini yoga, holding the arms in the air at a 60 degree angle for 5 minutes can be challenging. Doing 52 frogs is also tough, for beginners and experienced yogis alike! But for the newcomer who tries out this set, the sense of relaxation and release of tension will definitely have them hooked.

I Am A Woman Yoga Manual

Nervous System Overhaul – Owner’s Manual For the Human Body

Don’t let the short time of this set fool you. If your nervous system is in need of overhauling, you will be feeling the physical results of this set for days after. It requires open hamstrings, strong hip flexors, and a stable lower back. This is an advanced set, but a truly adventurous beginner could give it a try. A good recommendation would be to warm up well, and practice the set at a moderate pace.

Owner’s Manual for the Human Body


To successfully practice any kriya, it is important to have a strong foundation of the basic elements of Kundalini Yoga.  Try Michael Jaidev’s course “Kundalini Yoga for Beginners

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