Have you ever had a moment where you felt connected to the other side? The veil disappears between here and the other world. A deep sense of being connected to other Spirit Beings awakens inside of you.

Many of us may have had the desire to communicate with our ancestors. It has been part of the human experience for eons. It is an ancient practice in every wisdom tradition throughout time. Many of those traditions have been lost. We are now seeking to renew these connections so we can intuitively sense our ancestors’ presence in our lives through the ancient art of ceremony.

Through a daily practice, meditation, ceremony, art, music and food, the ancestor spirits can be present to guide, protect, and heal us. Your ability to connect with your ancestors is always available. Music is a beautiful way to access this Divine Space. We know it well in the Kundalini Yoga tradition as we accompany much of what we do with sacred music. It is a big part of this lineage and how we conduct the practice.

Music is medicine and people have been toning, chanting and singing since the beginning of time. It’s essential to the victory of the human journey.

That’s what music has been for us. A way to mark time and events. A way to soothe, heal, dream and focus. The whole journey of making our album “Walking Sky Dreaming Earth” was deeply guided by our ancestors. The song “Ancestors” came as an unexpected prayer. A prayer from the Ancestors to us.

They are asking us to listen and feel their presence, to get still enough in our everyday busy lives, and tap into the messages they have for us. They want to be of assistance. They want to support us. It’s up to us to part the veil. We have been fed messages like, “other worlds are scary or not to be messed with”. Opening the door to that world can be scary for some.

All indigenous people believed, prayed, and honored the Ancestors in their daily rituals. We need those ways now more than ever.

Many of us long to feel connected to what is beyond this world, especially to the Soul group that we come from.

When I lost my brother over a year ago, I deeply longed to connect with him from the other side. Even before I knew he had passed, I felt his presence. We had grown somewhat distant in the physical form, but as soon as he crossed over I began to tap into his presence and hear the messages.

He was very much part of all this music that got written for this album. When I would sing in the studio, I kept feeling his guidance to focus deeply on the mantras, their feelings and meanings, and connect the passion of my heart to the experience I was having with him.

It was a brand new experience for me. It has allowed me to forgive him for where he was at and the fact that he chose to leave the planet. That forgiveness extended out to my whole lineage. This experience taught me that there is so much beyond this veil and matrix that we easily become lost inside of. Being able to communicate with Jerome in this way has taken away the suffering about his choice. There has been great healing that has happened with him and my Matriarchal lineage.

So how do we connect with the ancestors?

There are so many ways to communicate with your ancestors that it could become a daily occurrence for you. Calling them into your heart and being, and tapping into the stillness can conjure that feeling. Chanting mantras and doing Kundalini yoga or other practices can help us get into that state. The ancients would connect through CEREMONY. Ceremony by nature calls you into the higher vibrations that Spirit uses to access the earthly realms. The ancients would sing songs, make offerings, and use their voices to call out to the ancestors.

Akah has been sitting with a native American tribe in California for close to 30 years, doing all kinds of ceremonies with them. Our whole family has been a part of these ceremonies for the last 17 years. I have witnessed and felt tremendous connection during those ceremonies. I have felt and seen my ancestors and have been able to do some great healing in these environments.

However, you don’t need to travel anywhere to conjure the experience of Ceremony – it’s all about the feeling. That is what prayer is. That is why the music, the incense, the chanting, the drumming and dancing can all help us access that state.

Ceremony can happen anywhere, right there at your altar, in your dreamtime, or in your kitchen. It’s about the reverence that you bring to the moment. So practice and see how you get along. Whether you are making food, singing a song, or writing a poem, ceremony is always accessible to you. And there the ancestors wait–to be received, to assist you, to guide you.

We look to Guru Ram Das as the healer of the heart in Kundalini Yoga. We were inspired by this version that birthed itself to do the meditation to Heal Ancestral Karma. It was divine that the album opened with Ancestors and closes with the meditation to heal Ancestral Karma. We never planned that. It was one of the mystical things that occurred in the process of making the album.

Holding and creating ceremony, in groups and at our retreats, is one of the ways we love to help people connect. We have experienced and done ceremony with people of all different faiths and beliefs. What we have seen is that, regardless of their particular faith, most people have an innate remembrance and connection to ceremony even in their first experience. It is a part of who we are, it’s in our bones, and all we are asked to do is slow down and connect to it.

Tend to the passionate fire of your soul, dance, sing, meditate, and call upon your ancestors. They are here to assist you and they await your call.

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