The month of August is a time of renewal and re-commitment of spirit to our higher self and personal discipline. The themes of number 8 (August) embody power, money, health and vitality. This is the time to shore up any area of our lives where we are losing energy. “Fix the leak!” is the motto for this month. We need to examine our relationships, career, personal habits, and communication standards (projecting and receiving), so we can determine where the energetic leaks are, and begin to fix them. If you are filling in for a spouse or child who isn’t doing their fair share of the household chores, you are losing precious energy in a task that has someone else’s name on it. You are losing even more energy in the resentment that can build from things being unfair and out of balance. Get this sorted out now, because once we move into September and beyond there is less time available for emotional “clean-up” work. Life will be moving too swiftly, and you may find yourself stuck in the expression, “You get what you settle for”.

Another aspect of August will be the tendency to churn and turn in our minds any emotionally charged issue where we feel trapped or constricted. Like a prisoner in a jail cell, you may find yourself plotting your midnight escape! This would be one approach, however, you could try communicating the issue in a neutral, balanced manner and tone of voice, before breaking out the hidden hammer and chisel. The other person may not realize how distressed you are, because right now most people are enormously consumed with themselves. Many people are feeling extremely challenged in at least one or more areas of their life, and this can make it difficult to find a compassionate ear to hear our concerns.

Folk/Rock music hero of the 70’s Jackson Browne had a hit single in his song “Running On Empty.” In one of the lyrics he sings,“ I look around for the friends that I used to turn to to pull me through. Looking into their eyes I see them running too. Running on-running on empty.” This is a very powerful insight, and I believe it is even more prevalent today than ever before.

How do we shift ourselves from this running, empty, scared state of mind? (Because it is in your mind!) There are 2 ways that are very effective. First, shift your perception of the situation. Stop being a victim, and know that you have all the power that you are willing to allow yourself. Second, change your frequency of communication. Your tone of voice, physical posture, and what chakra (spiritual energy center) you are projecting from will determine how you are perceived and received. Now is the time to elevate your frequency of communication, so you can co-relate to the environments effectively. If you are not effective, you‘re just toast.

A fantastic mantra for effectively relating to others is, “Humee Hum, Braham Hum.” It means “We are we, we are God.” The version on the “Peace and Tranquility” CD is my personal favorite. This sound current is like a figure 8 (August!), and creates a vibration of inclusiveness. It will harmonize the surrounding electromagnetic field, and help us to be understood, even without speaking. As Yogi Bhajan has said, “If your presence doesn’t work, nothing works.” To be truly present in the moment, without the distraction of our fluttering mind, is one of the greatest acts of self-empowerment. Power is not shown in how much you can dominate or control another person. Real power is realized by elevating another human being, and bringing light and grace into their world. Then you stand with the Angels, knowing that you have held the hand of God in sacred partnership for the well being of humanity. This is the real life, this is the happy life, and this will be your life, as you make it so.

Sat Nam.

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“When life is applied, life is supplied by God”

Yogi Bhajan

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