It’s always a joy and a pleasure to catch up with Snatam Kaur. Especially for this latest album Beloved, which she describes as a “sound medicine tool kit, with each track having a specific healing effect.”

Listen to the Full Interview Here:

There is a chart that comes with the album that helps navigate which track will be the most beneficial to you at any given time. There is also a beautiful meditation she shares called the “Heart Shield Meditation,” which corresponds with the eighth track from the album – Sat Naaraa-in.

What struck me about Snatam in this interview is how thorough she is, especially after having just read her wonderful book Original Light, The Morning Practice of Kundalini Yoga. Being relatively new to the Kundalini Yoga practice, after having been an Iyengar student for some years, this book is a wonderful and gentle introduction to the practice of “Aquarian Sadhana – a householder’s way to experience that original and most beautiful light every day.” Also biographical in nature, Original Light also explains how Snatam was introduced to her spiritual teacher and to the practice of Kundalini Yoga – ultimately becoming one of the best-selling devotional singers in the world, at this time. Asked how she remains so humble, given her success, she described the various ways our Ego can interfere with the spiritual flow of life.


On her website, you can also find details of the intensive Shabad Guru Workshop Snatam is excited to host. During these workshops, participants immerse themselves into sacred poems called Shabads – each having a powerful healing quality. Throughout the course, participants become comfortable with the words – both pronunciation and meaning – while singing together. This depth of practice gives way to a deep healing experience. The course is 7-days in length and Snatam is joined by her mother, Prabhu Nam Kaur, her husband, daughter and the rest of their teaching team. She is also developing a program for people who want to take the practice deeper online, using the sacred science and technology of singing.

I cannot recommend the album Beloved highly enough. I trust you’ll enjoy the album and meditations as much as I do. It’s wonderful to chant along with family and friends, if you do not yet have the opportunity to go to her one of her concerts or workshops.

Sat Nam!



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