This blog post was written by Phil Cartwright and originally published by the GuruGanesha Band on their website. 

It’s always a pleasure to catch up with GuruGanesha, the founder of Spirit Voyage. Having spent 11 years touring with Snatam Kaur, he formed the GuruGanesha Band. Initially with Paloma Devi on vocals.

Traditionally, Guruganesha has always featured a female vocalist. But all things must change.. and they have! They’re now a FULL ON “rock and roll for the SOUL” band!


With the release of their latest album “People of Love” and having just returned from Sat Nam fest Berkshires. GG revealed Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead was an inspiration to him. His favourite Ice cream being Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia for his Soul! My own personal favourite is “Wavy Gravy” who I’ve interviewed a number of times. (The person NOT the ice cream that is..)

They hit the road for their fall “People of Love” tour in October of this year! All the details can be found here, along with a free download and videos.

Everything is NEW for the band, no female vocalist and a new tour manager. Also NEW merchandising which looks GREAT! A NEW sound with them all equally contributing to vocals and it’s a DEMOCRACY. YES, that’s right the band need to agree as a whole on every aspect of their work which is refreshing to hear in this day and age. Brightstar and GuruGanesha’s son will again be supporting and promoting their tours and events.

GuruGanesha always expresses a great deal of Joy both on and off stage. Successful in his own right as a business man his passion is still the band. Along with his daily Sadhana practice and all that this entails. He tells us he has 5 good hours each day when he feels in his 30’s again which isn’t bad given that he’s now in his 60’s and has more energy than most of us combined!

If you have the opportunity to see the band live don’t hesitate as tickets sell fast. Grab a good seat and enjoy being surrounded and dissolving into the People of Love!

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