I was asked to call a hotel room in Manchester, UK and ask for Ms. Lincoln. I was transferred through reception and asked my name before being transferred and Belinda duly answered.

The sun was shining in Manchester that morning, which it doesn’t always do. Rain tends to permeate the weather there a lot.

Belinda Carlisle was on her 30th anniversary of “Heaven Is a Place on Earth” tour of the UK, but the bigger news was that Spirit Voyage released her latest album Wilder Shores!


What an album this is, having hit the number one on the iTunes World Music Chart and well-ranked on a variety of other platforms. There are nine tracks, in which Belinda combines pop melodies and her iconic voice with Kundalini mantras, along with a new 30th anniversary acoustic version of her classic song “Heaven Is a Place on Earth.”

So, why this new mantra album? Belinda’s Kundalini journey dates back to a difficult pregnancy. She had a profound experience in India with her teacher Gurmukh, and has been a regular practitioner ever since. Belinda, like many others, has found her spiritual path through Kundalini Yoga.27451-300X300

While Belinda is now chanting mantra with artists like Simrit, who she describes as “so punk rock,” her story began in Hollywood in the late 70’s, as a drummer for a punk band at the tender age of 17. She left the entertainment scene after falling ill, but came back as the lead vocalist of the Go Go’s. Success followed for the all-girl band, selling millions of albums and touring the world.

After the Go Go’s split up, Belinda’s solo career really took off in a big way. She experienced global success as a solo artist before being dropped by her record label at the age of 40. During this time of her life, she began reading a variety of spiritual books, including The Buddha in Your Mirror, that complemented her practice of Kundalini and Naad yoga.

After years of practice and spiritual inquiry, Belinda knew she wanted to create an album that featured mantra. Wilder Shores is five years in the making, and she had to overcome some resistance in order to release the album to the masses. And what a debut mantra album this is!

Light of my Soul” is a special track amongst many. Belinda would go to her Kundalini class each morning before going into the studio to record. This track was written in around 90 seconds recorded into her iPhone as she was driving off the freeway, guided by the divine.

A powerful album from the very first note to the last. The energy of the room changes as the music progresses. It is her hope that it introduces a new audience to chanting, and that can only be a positive thing. This album is a truly a sumptuous feast and a joy to behold!


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