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Dear Ramdesh,

I have a bit of a moral dilemna, and I am looking for someone else, with similar values to mine, to provide an opinion. Basically, I’ve been contacted by a recruiter regarding a job with an engineering company that does work for the military. This job would be working at the old Philadelphia Navy Yard, helping to design mechanical systems for aircraft carriers. The job would provide health benefits, vacation and sick time, etc., that I do not currently have working as a contractor for my current company. With the job market the way it’s been, these benefits are nothing to sneeze at. Those are the pluses. The big minus is that I’m pretty much a pacifist, and have shyed away from working on military projects in the past for this reason (I left a job after college because I just didn’t feel good working on things that could possibly be used to hurt or kill someone someday). Also, there is a part of me that believes that if I turn this job down, the Universe will still provide for me. What do you think you would do if you were in my shoes? Maybe I’m just looking for a fellow yogi/yogini to tell me I’m not crazy for thinking about turning it down!

Sat nam!

Sat Kartar Singh

Sat Nam Sat Kartar ji,

Well you aren’t crazy to turn it down if it feels bad. I used to work for a big company that did a lot of things I didn’t agree with, and it felt horrible. Being in a job that is out of alignment with your heart and your beliefs can  take a toll on you mentally, physically and spiritually.   That said, you could still work for this company and feel good…you could provide an energy of light and pacifism within a cocoon of war, or you could focus on the gratitude of the benefits you are able to bring your family.  You could find the positive in it–  aircraft carriers are often deployed on humanitarian missions after all! You never know where you are to be planted, and I don’t either. I cannot say what’s best for you and your family, but I can say that meditating and trusting the feeling within is always a good thing to do. No one can decide what’s best for you…listen to your Guru Dev, to the teacher within. You’ll know what to do.  And the Universe?  You’re right…it’ll always provide for you.  My dear friend Guruganesha Singh once told me, “The Universe is the wind at the back of a committed person!”

Many blessings,


Job trouble? Not sure what to do with your life? Here is the Meditation for Intuition and Opportunity, which would be great for a situation like Sat Kartar’s, especially when done for 31 minutes for 40 days. This meditation is from the book Transitions to a Heart-Centered World by Gururattan Kaur Khalsa.  The music is Guruganesha Singh’s Joy is Now.

(Disclaimer!  Ramdesh Kaur won’t be getting a record deal anytime soon.  Notice how she lacks self consciousness about her voice and chants anyway?  YOU should too! Want to know the words she’s chanting?  To tune in, Ramdesh is saying “Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo“.  The meditation mantra is “Sat Narayan Waheguru Hari Narayan Sat Nam.”)

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