Sat Nam Ramdesh Kaur Ji,


I have been reciting So Purkh for my husband to help clear negative energy due to his impending job loss within a few weeks. This situation has created some tension in our relationship, understandably.

A friend of mine suggested playing So Purkh as well and also mentioned there is a Shabad that helps with these committed relationship issues that can be played.  Do you have the resources available to tell me what that Shabad is and point me in the direction of finding the Shabad and a recording of it?


Thank you


Peace & Divine Light,
Balprem Kaur


Sat nam Balprem Kaur!

I thought this question deserved a serious answer and I wanted to reach out to someone with more experience with marriage than me.  I asked Satkirin Kaur Khalsa for her suggestions for you, and she wrote this answer back to me for you…

“Sat nam ji!
There are many shabds to for married couples. Mostly Siri Singh Sahib [Yogi Bhajan] has given the woman the job of doing the prayer. The prayer of the woman is so strong; it is said to be 16 x stronger than the man’s because she is ‘double you o man’.   (w-o-man)
One very simple one is for her to recite Rehiras in the evening. It will bring calmness to the environment and also brings prosperity with the calmness. Rehiras can be found in the Nitnem.

Here are a few others to choose from:
1. Bisara Ga-ee sabh tat paraa-ee………Prayer of Coexistance

Track Number 2

2. Mu Lalan Sio Preet Banee: To bring unwavering devotion in any relationship

Track 8

3. Line from shabd “Ee-aaner-eeay manarra kaa-ay karey (from Shabd Hazaray)
AAP GAVAA-EEAY TAA SO PAAEE-AI…….to bring contentment in marriage

Track 4

4. Bhand Jamee-ai…….remove Mother or Father phobia, develops reverence & sacredness to the woman in a relationship

Track 7

5. To bring intimacy in relationship/create a longing to belong & bring reunion of seperated ones:
Ko-ee aan milaa-vay…….Unfortunately this mantra is not recorded that I know of.

So Balprem, you have your work cut out for you!  There are many shabads, mantras and practices that a woman can use in the tradition of Kundalini yoga to enhance her marriage.  I hope some of these work for you!

Ramdesh Kaur

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