Mantra for Stage Fright

Dear Ramdesh,
Sat Nam! Thank you very much for all the tips and interestings articles! I would like to ask you a special question…. :) Do you know a meditation or mantra for stage fright or performance anxiety? I am a student in music, and I’m starting to have this problem.  A lot of people take pills for that, but it is not my way.
Thank you in advance, if you know of something!
Lots of light for you from Toulouse,

Vir Kaur

Sat nam Vir Kaur ji,

First of all, congratulations on following your heart and entering into the creative field of music. There are many aspects of Kundalini Yoga that can help with stage fright.  The very practice of Kundalini Yoga builds your self-confidence by connecting you with your True Self, which is infinitely capable and infinitely talented.

I would suggest the mantra “Har Har Mukunde” (sometimes spelled Har Har Mukunday).  “Har” is the creative aspect of Infinity.  Mukunde is the Liberator, or that part of you which can liberate you from fear.  This mantra is believed to turn challenges into opportunities and to remove fear.  It’s also short and easy enough for you to remember right before you perform. You can mutter it to yourself backstage, bringing you a sense of calm and courage.

May the pure light within you guide you way on…stage!


Ramdesh Kaur

The following recording is a great version of this mantra:

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