If you love healing music then the East Coast is the place to be right now! Not only did Snatam Kaur and GuruGanesha kick off their East Coast tour this week, but so did Ashana.  Ashana has an angelic voice that is accompanied by her mastery of crystal singing bowls. An evening spent at one of Ashana’s concerts is healing and profound. Ashana’s voice is incredibly rich and strong, and the crystal alchemy bowls each have their own special vibration that will clear karma and balance the chakras in a deep and healing way.

For more information about Ashana’s East Coast Tour visit the Spirit Voyage events page. And if you can’t make it to see Ashana live, check out her music on Spirit Voyage.  Her newest album Jewels of Silence was created to use the vibrations of the crystal bowls  to balance the chakras.

Check out this video of Ashana explaining how she uses crystal bowls and mantra in her live performances.

(Click here on Ashana’s Jewels of Silence album cover to listen to clips of her glorious music!)

(Click on this events calendar to purchase your ticket to an Ashana concert or Crystalline Activation Ceremony!)

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