Spirit Voyage had the pleasure of recently catching up with Dr. Ramdesh Kaur to discuss her newest meditation album: Sleep Meditations – Guided Meditations for Deep Sleep and Overcoming Insomnia. On this newest album, Ramdesh combines her soothing journeys with relaxing crystal singing bowls and binaural beats that put your brain waves into a deeper sleeping pattern. Each meditation offers a unique tool to support you in your efforts to overcome insomnia and have a more enriching sleep, and she offers also a crystal singing bowl meditation for you to drift straight into dreamtime.

You can read Part Two of the interview here!

Spirit Voyage: What was your inspiration for this album?

Dr. Ramdesh: There were actually several inspirations. My first guided meditation experiences from my mother, who would lead me on these guided journeys as I was falling asleep. They worked and opened my lifelong journey with guided visualizations. Another inspiration was actually my father, who doesn’t like sacred chant or yoga or meditation, but who was a proud father and so he would listen to my other albums and he would use them to fall asleep to, and I thought that he and other people might really enjoy having an album entirely dedicated to processes to help them fall asleep, that was reformatted a bit to keep falling asleep in mind and not just focus on the active sound of my voice and the journeys I take you on. Keeping it in the family, my third inspiration was my nieces. They had trouble falling asleep when they were little, and they’d beg me to do guided meditations for them until they could fall asleep, so some of the visualizations are similar to what I would do for them.

On a personal level, last year I began having insomnia for the first time in my life and I was forced to figure out how to help myself through it. So often I find that before an album is created, whatever I want to do will pop up in my life so that I can heal it from the inside and then move forward with externalizing the processes I use into the form of guided meditations so that I can help others. Thankfully, my insomnia has passed and I’m hoping that this album will help a lot of people sleep more peacefully.

Spirit Voyage: What makes this album difference from your previous albums?

Ramdesh_small_crystal_blogDr. Ramdesh: This is my first album where I’m playing the music. All the alchemy crystal singing bowls were recorded by me, and this is the closest any of my albums have come to the live experience that I give people with my guided meditations.

Spirit Voyage: Can you share a story from the making of this album?

Dr. Ramdesh: It was a cozy, precious time. We would often record in the dark, with candles, in a room filled with crystals. It was so peaceful and so relaxing. Ram Dass, my producer, and I have been working on albums for 6-years, so we are good friends and there was literally so much peace and gentleness and happiness put into these albums that we felt like the energy on the recording could really help people. We both slept insanely well during the recording of this album! These recordings have such an energy of moonlight and crisp autumn nights, crystal and candles, and love and friendship.

Spirit Voyage: Can you give us a sneak peak into you creative process?

Dr. Ramdesh: I always do my meditation stream of consciousness for myself first. On this album, since I am playing the singing bowls, I would sit and play the bowls and just download a visualization and if it worked for me, I saved it to put on the album.

Spirit Voyage: What is something you think your fans would love to know about the making of this album?

Dr. Ramdesh: Probably what the crystal alchemy singing bowls are that I play, and the answer is there’s a bunch! There are rose quartz, platinum, smokey quartz, emerald, citrine, ocean indium, grandmother, charcoal and violet aura gold bowls played on this album.

Spirit Voyage: What do you hope listeners will experience or learn as they listen to your album?

Dr. Ramdesh: I just hope they can relax and it helps them sleep better.





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