Spirit Voyage had the pleasure of recently catching up with Dr. Ramdesh Kaur to discuss her newest meditation album: Sleep Meditations – Guided Meditations for Deep Sleep and Overcoming Insomnia. On this newest album, Ramdesh combines her soothing journeys with relaxing crystal singing bowls and binaural beats that put your brain waves into a deeper sleeping pattern. Each meditation offers a unique tool to support you in your efforts to overcome insomnia and have a more enriching sleep, and she offers also a crystal singing bowl meditation for you to drift straight into dreamtime.

Read Part One of the interview here!

Spirit Voyage: Can you tell us a little bit about who you are – what your passions are?

Dr. Ramdesh: I can get passionate about a lot of things. I wish I could just go to school for degrees over and over and over, as I really I love to learn and explore the edges of what I know and understand and then push that further out. I love to travel and explore new cultures and countries and see how other people live their lives and have my edges and boundaries pushed by that too. I love animals and connecting with another living creature without spoken language so that you really have to use your heart to communicate. I love the ocean and I can watch waves roll into shore for hours, just staring out at the the play of light on water. I love creativity and art and watching the ways that humans can express themselves. Is that too many? Haha! I have a lot of passions. I’m passionate about passion.

ramdesh 2Spirit Voyage: What are three things you hope to accomplish in your lifetime?

Dr. Ramdesh: I’d like to help more people fall in love with themselves and make peace with their bodies, with my Body Temple work. I’d like to write novels and share the stories that I have inside of me. I’d like to let go of the attachment to accomplishments and just see where the Divine moves me.

Spirit Voyage: What do you love most about your personal meditation practice?

Dr. Ramdesh: I love the feeling the weightlessness I can get during meditation. The feeling of almost being liberating from my body and just beyond time and space. It’s an expansive, peaceful, amazing feeling. I also like the practical space it gives me to wash out my thoughts and release what I’m keeping inside.

Spirit Voyage: Is there anything else you’d like to share with us?

Dr. Ramdesh: I really hope you love the album and that it serves you. Sleep well!





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