Editor’s Note: This is the second of a 2 part interview with Simrit Kaur. You can read Part 1, where she opens up about her creative process & the making of Songs of Resilience here.

Spirit Voyage: Can you tell us a little bit about who you are – what your passions are?

Simrit: Empathy. I feel deeply and I am a sensitive human being. My independence, strength and grit are some of my greatest assets in life – not allowing other people’s narratives to determine my artwork and my life. I come from a strong Greek cultural upbringing that has helped to shape me, and I also come from a very loving family who supports and loves me. My passions are spreading love through music, chanting mantra, hanging out with elders and learning about their lives, Greek dancing, and hanging out with my beautiful family and close friends. I love Kundalini Yoga, and I love laughing and having fun with family and good friends! That means a lot to me. I also really feel passionate about standing up for what is just and speaking out. I did that a great deal growing up with my brother and defending him in many ways because of his disabilities. Music and playing music is the air that I breath. The drum beat is really important to me – it’s what lights me up the most.  The simple beating of the rhythmic bass drum. I can go to sleep listening to hypnotic drumming. It feeds me like no other.

Spirit Voyage: What are three things you hope to accomplish in your lifetime?

Simrit: To continue to live healthy and happy and to continue to share my love through music, to become more kind and understanding with myself and others, and to just continue to feel more comfortable in my skin and with my quirks – to enjoy this life to the fullest, with all it has to offer and all that I feel. Something I aspire to and think about often is how I want to feel deep comfort in the unknown in my time of passing. The biggest thing for me is that I want my friends and family to feel how much they mean to me and how much I really love them.

Spirit Voyage: What do you love most about your Kundalini Yoga practice?

Simrit: I love the time I get to spend with myself, and I love the eccentricities of the the practice. I also am grateful for the immense benefits of health, happiness, courage and grit – these are true wealth, in my opinion. Kundalini Yoga has helped me to accept who I truly am and not be afraid or ashamed of my quirks. Embracing all of this is the best part.

Simrit-bathing-in-sunlight-768x1152Spirit Voyage: Can you give us a sneak peak into your creative process?

Simrit: My inner ears are a like a water hose that always has melodies and rhythms gushing through it. I have always had a deep relationship with melody and rhythm. I was born from a lineage of beloved Greek women singers from my biological mother through my great grandmother, so I literally grew in a womb where I heard singing and rhythms all the time. In my experience, anyone can write a song with a melody, but the true test for me is how amazing that melody moves from note to note, how well the notes go together – how well the melody gets under the skin, or how the artist relates to the melody and gets swept away in it. That is what inspires me – true melody makers and true musicians that don’t use auto tuning and glassy effects in their music. That is the kind of sound I’m attracted to.

Spirit Voyage: What do you hope your listeners experience or learn as they listen to your album?

Simrit: That you feel the interconnectedness of all of us, the interconnectedness of all of our actions. May you feel the deep humanity that lives in each word and each note on this album, that you may feel empathy and healing. This album was made out of love, and it goes out into the world in love.

You can learn more about Simrit and the inspiration behind her new album in Part 1 of our interview.

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