Spirit Voyage had the joy of catching up with Jai-Jagdeesh about her new album, Down Come the Walls. In this two-part interview, she opens up about her creative process, as well as her passions and Kundalini Yoga practice.

Read Part One of the interview here.

Spirit Voyage: Can you tell us a little bit about who you are – what your passions are?

Jai-Jagdeesh: I love breathing. That’s pretty fun. I also really enjoy dancing, traveling, teaching yoga, taking pictures, and writing about my experience of life. Oh, and eating. I REALLY like eating. Food is awesome. Especially chocolate food…

Spirit Voyage: What are three things you hope to accomplish in your lifetime?

Jai-Jagdeesh: I’d love to one day give a Ted Talk somewhere in the world, wherever the physical presentation of it would be most impactful. I dove headfirst into public speaking in college, and I’ve had a few ‘ideas worth spreading’ bouncing around in my brain these past few years, so I feel partially equipped to go on that journey.

I’ve been tinkering for years with a concept for a nonprofit that makes world travel possible for people who aren’t able to afford to travel, and this is something I’d like to begin to put into action. My life has been enriched beyond measure by the traveling I’ve been lucky enough to get to do as a part of my career – as has my creativity, as have my relationships, as has my understanding of the role I’m here to play in this great cosmic dance – and I want to find a way to give that gift to others. And whether it’s for them to adventure or to relax doesn’t even matter to me; they can choose. I just want to give people an opportunity to stretch their legs and their wings, because I have no doubt special things will come from it.

On a Soul level, I hope to one day learn how to completely surrender. My Virgo-ness gets the better of me often, but I look forward to learning to be fully led by my heart instead of by my deeply analytical mind. I suspect it will take me a lifetime. Thank goodness I have meditation to help.

Spirit Voyage: How did come to start practicing Kundalini Yoga?

Jai-Jagdeesh: My parents had been Kundalini Yogis for years before I was born, and my mother practiced all through her pregnancy, so I think perhaps my first class was in the womb. I was a reluctant yogi as a child (bribery helped; promises of ice cream did the trick), a rebellious yogi as a teenager (ice cream no longer worked; I was in mutiny mode), and a ‘former yogi’ as a young adult. But I’ve been a “this-is-my-lifeblood-thank-goodness-for-yoga practitioner” for the past 9 years, and I’m pretty sure it’s the reason I’m moderately sane.

Spirit Voyage: What do you love most about your Kundalini Yoga practice?

Jai-Jagdeesh: The neutrality it creates. Whatever spin cycle I’m in the middle of, a meditation gets me out of it — and into a neutral space – long enough to breathe, assess, refocus, and begin again. It’s not a flawless system, because I am not a perfectly precise or perfectly consistent practitioner, and because NO amount of knowing that I have “the optimal tools” ensures that I will reach for those optimal tools right when I need them . . .but perfection is overrated, fluctuation is inevitable, ebb & flow is natural, and there’s gold to be found in every bump on the road.





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