We could not be more excited to share Belinda Carlisle‘s epic new mantra-pop album Wilder Shores. What excites us most about this beautiful mix of traditional kirtan and modern beats is its authenticity. It’s crystal clear that Belinda has poured her heart, soul, and power into this unique blend of Kundalini mantra and refreshing pop rhythms. We’re inspired by her deep desire to share this music and technology with her audience and so many people who have yet to experience Kundalini Yoga.

We recently caught up with Belinda to hear all about this revolutionary project. Read on, as we discuss her entrance into the Kundalini Yoga world, her variety of life passions, and how she came to create Wilder Shores.

What was your inspiration for this album?

I’ve always wanted to do a mantra album, as I’ve been chanting for years and know its power. I knew that one day I would be ready to do so, realizing that it’s much more than singing. I wanted to put mantra in a format that I know well, pop. Verse, bridge, chorus, etc.

What makes this album different from the rest of the albums in your catalog?

All of the music was co-written by myself, and of course I have never done a chant album at all before.

Can you share a story from the making of this album?

I don’t play an instrument and don’t read music. I would think of a melody, hum it into my iPhone, and take it to Gabe Lopez. We have a very intuitive working relationship. He totally understands me. That’s how  Wilder Shores was written, basically. I always went to a class before the studio, and I feel that I was guided every step of the way. In fact, when I was on my way to the studio one day, the melody for “Light of My Soul” came to me on the off-ramp on an LA freeway. It was like Yogi Bhajan was singing in my ear.

Is there something that your fans would love to know from the making of this album?

This album is from the heart. This is the only way I work now, I’m lucky I can do that, and I know it. As with every album, this one really reflects where I’m at in life. My hope is that this album will reach fans of mine that may have never thought about starting yoga, especially Kundalini. I would love for them to have the experiences that I have had.

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Are there any special contributors to this album? If so, tell us about them.

Most of the musicians on the album are friends of Gabe or myself. Petra Haden, a very well-respected musician and singer, plays violin, and Arjun Bruggeman, who plays with Krishna Das, plays tabla. Also, my dear friend Simrit sings back-up vocals on several of the tracks.

Can you tell us a little bit about who you are and what your passions are?

I am a gypsy. I can’t sit still. I lived in France for 24 years and just recently moved to Thailand. I love traveling, and I am by nature curious. I love learning about cultures around the world. That is my biggest passion. I love reading and spending time with my family. Of course, music has always been a passion, and still is.

What are three things you hope to accomplish in your lifetime?

I’ve planted a tree, wrote a book, and had a child. I think I’ve done it all. I have been through two teacher trainings and haven’t been able to get certified as I always travel. That would be an amazing thing to finally achieve.

Can you give us a sneak peak into your creative process?

I love experimenting in the studio. I wanted to fuse western and eastern instrumentation, and it actually was a lot easier than expected. I am really good with background parts, at least I’d like to think. My partner Gabe is so fun to work with. We laughed a lot and just had fun, which is important – not heavy or intense.

What do you love most about your Kundalini Yoga practice?

I can work a maximum of six hours and that’s it. We kept sessions short and sweet and that way we were fresh. I know it works, and I love just experiencing the magic. I’ve had really amazing things happen during my practice. I know if I’m down or exhausted or want to work on an issue, there is a kriya and meditation for it. I love that.

What do you hope your listeners experience or learn as they listen to your album?

I want to bring more people to the practice! I know what Kundalini Yoga has done for me, and I would love for them to experience the power!

How did you come to start practicing Kundalini Yoga?

I was introduced to the yoga 26 years ago by Gurmukh. She would come to my house and do prenatal with me. I was very ill. I didn’t take to the yoga right away, but I loved her, and then about 14 years ago, I ran into her, and she said I should come on the annual Golden Bridge Yatra. I did, and the whole experience changed the course of my life. I was never the same after that.



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