Aromatherapy and Yoga

Truth Blend

Each of the five LIGHT EOB, Inc. essential oil blends is based upon a Kundalini Yoga Mantra or concept. Sweet kirtan fills the air as each synergy is hand blended and bottled. This week I’d like to tell you more about the Truth Blend.

The Truth Blend (Sat Nam) is composed of Jasmine, Neroli, Petitgrain and Myrrh essential oils. The carrier oil is Marula Oil, rich in anti-oxidants and easily absorbed by the skin.

Jasmine Essential Oil- This precious essential oil opens and balances all of the sensual centers as well as the pathway to the True Spiritual Self. It is floral and musky; stimulating our self esteem and intuition. Jasmine essential oil is said to boost confidence and optimism and to evoke euphoria. This gentle but powerful oil promotes love and peace. We feel mentally alert, energetic and joyful. The Jasmine Essential Oil in the Truth Blend is Jasmine Samac (Night Blooming Jasmine). The flower petals are hand picked at dusk and distilled in the moonlight!

Neroli Essential Oil- Neroli Essential Oil is a tonic for stress, anxiety, worry, and depression. This wonderful oil, derived from hand-picked orange blossoms, uplifts the Mind, heals the heart of grief and sadness, and helps us Keep Up in times of hardship. It can fortify the brain and nervous system, when inhaled. This oil is like liquid joy. Our sense of well-being and creativity flourishes.

Petitgrain Essential Oil- Petitgrain Essential Oil grounds and energizes Third Eye connections leading to intuitive insights and pathways to the Divine.  It has a calming and anti-depressant effect.

Myrrh Essential Oil- This is a very viscous oil/resin. Known for its  Spiritual Wound Healing properties, Myrrh Oil is grounding and promotes a sense of security and belonging. Emotional wounds can be healed,’ opening the way to the True Self…Speaking One’s Truth!

When placed in a blend, these oils have a synergistic effect.  We confidently, compassionately and authentically express our truth with heightened insight and clarity.


The blend is also called Sat Nam. You can anoint yourself, do direct palm inhalation or diffuse the Truth Blend during the Mul Mantra of your daily sadhana practice; while listening to and/or chanting Jap Man Sat Nam on Snatam Kaur’s CD Anand or Sat Kartar’s CD Listen or any time you can use affirmation of your True Identitiy.

The added benefits of the aromatic oils will enhance the benefits of your practice! Try them and let me know what you experience.

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