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Essential Oils for the Second Chakra

How can essential oils help your second chakra?  Which mantra supports your second chakra?  How are they connected and how can you use aromatherapy and yoga together?

The Sanskrit name for the 2nd chakra is Svadhisthana, which translates as “one’s own place or base.” The second chakra is located about an inch below the navel. All watery things about us are related to this chakra: circulation, urination, menstruation, orgasm, tears. The hips, sacrum, lower back, genitals, womb, bladder, and kidneys are the domain of the second chakra, controlling our sensuality, sexuality, emotions, intimacy, and creativity

The second chakra is the seat of our emotions. The element is water, the Universal Receiver. The second chakra ‘welcomes in’. Anger gains power and form, holds, and releases in waves. It is same with sadness and fear.

Some signs of imbalance are fear of pleasure, being out of touch with one’s feelings and resistance to change, overly emotional behavior, sexual addiction and poor boundaries. The second chakra encourages us to feel the feelings that arise as we open to life just as it is’, allow ourselves to accept what is, and taste the sweetness (and bittersweetness) of life. As we release our resistance to things as the really are, our hips release, our reproductive organs become relaxed, and we’re open to sensuality and sexuality. We can fully experience and express spontaneity and joy.

The color for the 2nd chakra is orange. Its is actually clear (like water) but appears orange from the red of the first chakra and the yellow of the third chakra.

The sense for the 2nd chakra is taste, especially a sweet taste. It is the seat of clairsentience (clear feeling; healers. “It feels right”).  You ‘know’ but you don’t know how you know it. Gut feeling, sensing.

In yoga, backward and forward bends, frog pose, cat cow, butterfly, cobra pose and squatting strengthen the 2nd chakra. Yogi Bhajan recommended up to 31 minutes of Sat Kriya each day, with an equal amount of rest, to bring vitality and health to your body and mind. Sat Kriya is also a wonderful tool for helping the transition of menopause to go more smoothly. In addition, Sat Kriya helps to raise your Kundalini energy, which then nourishes all your chakras to support the unfolding of all your hidden talents.

A good mantra for balancing the 2nd chakra is:

Narayan is the aspect of Infinity that relates to water, and Hari Narayan is Creative sustenance, which makes the one who chants it intuitively clear or healing. Sat Narayan is True Sustainer, Wahe Guru, indescribable Wisdom and Sat Nam, True Identity. This is the ancient Chotay Pad Mantra.

We balance and clear the second chakra with orange oils and floral oils. The aphrodisiac oils also come into play.

Sweet Orange essential oil balances and clears, Neroli (orange blossom) allows the 2nd chakra to blossom. Other 2nd chakra oils are Tangerine, Manderine red (Peel), lavender, jasmine. Carrot seed oil grounds the 2nd chakra into the ground-it grounds your emotions. Geranium rose connects the 2nd chakra to the heart chakra-grounds you into your heart.

An aphrodisiac blend was previously given in the Aromatherapy and Love Blog. You can make a blend for ‘women’s issues’, antispasmodics and anti- inflammatory blends for the lower back pain and sciatica, low self-esteem and help for the urinary system. Here are suggested oils for emotional balance and creativity: Frankincense, Geranium, Jasmine, Lavender, Melissa, Neroli, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli and Rosewood.

Try making a blend, or contact me to order a custom blend. As always, I value your feedback.

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