Essential Oils for Love

It’s February, about midpoint of Winter, and midway through this month comes Valentine’s Day!  Aromas and scents are so tied in with memory and emotional associations. Essential oils for love can enhance your Valentine’s Day fun by assisting in opening the heart and acting as aphrodisiacs and mood enhancers.

Perhaps the best known single essential oil for love, as well as heart-opening, is Rose Oil. It is a well-known fact among farmers and perfumers that organically cultivated roses produce a superior oil, while those raised with synthetic pesticides and fertilizers lose the essence of soma. A pure rose oil from healthy soma-rich roses is an elixir for ojas, the nutritional essence that supports the immune system. There are thousands of varieties of rose, but only a few give rose essential oil. The most famous is the pink-red Damascus rose. This rose is legendary for the exquisite aroma of its oil. Roses produce their maximum levels of damascenone, the primary molecule of rose fragrance, on the mornings of the full moon. Ayurveda observes that the full moon radiates a special kind of energy, called soma, which is said to have a cooling, nourishing, and relaxing effect on the mind and body. It requires 1,400,000 handpicked blossoms to produce one liter of oil. A single ounce of the oil contains the essence of 40,000 blossoms, and sixty-seven blossoms give only one drop. Rose oil is indeed precious!

There are many ways for yogis and yoginis to use rose oil to enhance their practice, all of them enjoyable. A drop applied to the heart, throat, or third eye centers deepens any meditation, especially those contemplations that develop love and compassion. An application of rose oil as a simple perfume is an antidote to aggravation. A few drops of oil (in an emulsifier) or a sprinkling of fresh petals on the bath water restores equanimity, clams the mind and soothes the emotions.

Try anointing yourself and then doing the following meditation:

Meditiation to Open the Heart

Please sit in easy pose with a light neck lock. Eyes are closed, rolled upward, focusing on the brow point. Concentrate at the heart center.

The mantra is: SAT KAR TAR. “Truth and light does it all”.

As you say SAT, the hands are pressed together in prayer pose at the center of the chest.

As you say KAR the hands are extended out from the shoulders, straight arms forward with palms facing out as if you were pushing a wall; fingers pointing straight up.

As you say TAAR , the arms are fully extended out to the sides, parallel to the floor, fingers pointing up.

****Make the transition from step to step a flowing movement.***

3 to 11 minutes. To end; inhale, exhale, and place hands on the knees and roll the shoulders a few times to loose them up.

WHAT IT WILL DO FOR YOU: If you feel your heart is closed and there is no flow of love, and want to change to open your heart, do this meditation

May I suggest an amorous blend? 3 drops lavender oil, 3 drops neroli oil, 2 drops cardamom oil, 2 drops ylang ylang oil, 1 drop sandalwood or chamomile roman oil, 2 drops jasmine or clary sage oil in an amber or cobalt blue 10 ml glass bottle. Fill the rest of the bottle with a carrier oil, like almond or grapeseed oils. You can also put this same amount of essential oils into one ounce of carrier oil for  use as a massage oil. You can diffuse the blend, anoint yourself and your partner or use the massage dilution to give each other a relaxing massage.

Happy Valentines Day to all!

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