Nirinjan Kaur’s So Purkh


Not long ago I wrote about how the So Purkh mantra changed my husband’s outlook on life. But there were two other men I was praying for—my yoga teacher and my eldest son. My thought was that hey, one out of three wasn’t bad, but then, things started happening…

One day, after my teacher, Akalsukh Singh, returned from summer solstice, I asked if there was something I could do to help him get things moving in his life. He’d been envisioning opening a yoga studio—not just any yoga studio, but the first Kundalini yoga studio in the entire state of New Jersey—for many years. (We’d been practicing in his home yoga studio, which could comfortably accommodate only seven students at a time, and our community was growing in leaps and bounds.)

Little did I know when I asked that question that Akalsukh and Ramdesh Kaur had already discussed and set a date for a So Purkh workshop. He wanted to bring So Purkh to his students to help us deal with past and present relationships. He also explained that, if I wished, I could include him in my So Purkh prayers.

I began reciting the mantra a few days after our conversation, and a week later attended the So Purkh workshop with Ramdesh. I was not the only one praying for my teacher; another student who attended also began reciting So Purkh for him.

So Purkh engraved Kara

A few days after we began So Purkh, a new student who swiftly embraced the practice suggested a location for a studio, but there were no funds. Then, “out of the blue” (or, more accurately, directly from the Infinite), another student stepped up to be an investor. Then, another stepped forth. Before we knew it—in just a few weeks—Akalsukh was signing a lease on his new location in Montclair NJ, where he will offer a full schedule of Kundalini Yoga classes with KRI-certified teachers. The studio will be a place to convene, study, and connect–a place, as Akalsukh says, that is not just a yoga center, but also a spiritual home. The dream that had been imagined became reality–almost overnight.

I downplayed my role in these developments. But Akalsukh assured me and the other student who had been reciting the mantra, “There are no coincidences. When you focus on prayer and meditation energy begins to move.” To be sure, it was just days after I began to recite the So Purkh mantra every morning that his dream began to unfold.

AquarianYoga Center, the first Kundalini Yoga Center in New Jersey, will celebrate its Grand Opening on 11/11/11, the official opening of the Aquarian Age. (Sat Nam Fest artist Harnam will be there!) When Akalsukh found the new location, he made note of the address: 641 Bloomfield Avenue (6+4+1=11!).  He had already had the idea to call the new studio AquarianYoga. To his surprise, the name and address matched perfectly! Indeed, it’s rather miraculous.

I am now wondering what’s in store for my son. He seems more content lately, and he’s joined a gym (which offers yoga). For some reason, he’d been resisting this step for a very long time, but already I see the positive effects that physical activity are having on his health and attitude.

And since I have two other boys, I’m thinking I would like to practice So Purkh again (it’s advised to chant the mantra for no more than three men at once). Actually, I now believe that it is so effective I may well be chanting it indefinitely!

If you are a woman, I highly recommend this mantra for the men in your life.  Our voices, our hopes, and our devotion are far more powerful than we know.

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