We caught up with Mirabai Ceiba during their European tour to ask them a few questions about their new CD “Live in Concert”!

Q:  What is your favorite part of this new live album?

Mirabai Ceiba: It is a wonderful thing to be able to share the power of the live experience in a CD, especially because in a live concert, the alchemy between the musicians and the audience, has always the potential to open the magical door of shared creativity and spirit, so musically there are often surprises, and to capture those moments is beautiful.
Q: Who is playing on this album with you?
Mirabai Ceiba: There are different band combinations on this album, which is also exciting and interesting, many concerts have been recorded on our last Europe tour where we invited the mexican group Bole to open the concerts for and later to join us on our set, which are: Bogdan Djukic on the violin, Leonardo Nieto on Sitar, and Jesus Mejia on guitar, and there are a quite a lot of tracks that we chose from those concerts. In other occasions like Sat Nam Fest East we played with Jamshied Sharifi , our producer, on keyboard and Ben Wittman – percussions , or also with Ramesh Kannan – percussions and Megan Gould- viola.

Q:  Where was the album recorded?
Mirabai Ceiba: In several locations like: Estonia, Barcelona, Mexico City, Helsinki, and a couple Sat Nam Fests.

Q:  Do you have a favorite track?

Mirabai Ceiba: It is difficult to have a favorite track on this album, since every song is so alive with the time when it was played and has it’s story to tell as well as its very own energy, but we do have special connection to Despierta, because it somehow is like a synthesis of our synergy together as musicians, and it also describes the feeling of that period of time that we shared together.

Q:  Can you share a story from the road about one of your concerts or touring that was very special?

Mirabai Ceiba: There are always so many things happening on tour…but an image that can be shared from those adventures was the time in Helsinki. It was very magical and mystical, cold and rainy, and this put us all in a very contemplative and quiet space, so in that concert we decided for anchor to play Inside The Majesty from our album Between The Shores Of Our Souls. We had never played this song before live because it is such intimate sensitive song which requires a certain space and our musicians had never even heard it before. A song like that, without rehearsal, on stage, becomes like a door that you open into an unknown room, and everybody is in complete awareness to walk in this together , listing carefully, and sometimes magic can happen out from this sensitive space…this harp solo in the end of the track embedded in the sound texture of all the other instruments is born out from improvisation and has become one of our favorite parts on the album.

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